Announcement: Accetek Merges with Denovo

We are excited to announce that Accetek has officially merged with Denovo, effective immediately. Although Accetek will continue to operate under its own brand, it will now be owned and operated by Denovo.


2CD Series Common Mode Filters for Power Line

2CD Series common mode fileters have higher capability to handle large current situation, which can be used for power line.


2MA Series Coupled Inductor

2MA Series is a kind of Dual winding shielded inductor which can be used as single/dual/coupled inductor or 1:1 transformer. Highly recommend to use for SEPIC and Flyback applications.

1MA Series Power Inductor

1MA Series is a kind of Shielded Construction power inductor with lower DCR than the same construction parts on the market. It is a very good choice for switching regulators and DC-DC converters.

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