How to choose a good power inductor?

In today’s electronics industry, power inductors are crucial components in various applications, playing a vital role in energy storage and transmission. This article explores the process of selecting a high-performance power inductor and highlights the significant advantages of the Accetek brand in the power inductor field.


Key Factors in Choosing High-Performance Power Inductors

  1. Inductance Value: One of the primary considerations is the inductance value, which represents the inductor’s ability to store energy. It’s essential to ensure that the chosen inductor’s inductance value meets the specific requirements of the application.
  2. DC Resistance (DCR): Lower DCR is generally preferred because higher DCR can lead to increased power losses, especially in high-efficiency applications.
  3. Saturation Current: The saturation current of an inductor refers to the current level at which the inductor’s core saturates, causing a significant drop in inductance. The selected inductor must be capable of handling peak and continuous currents without saturating.
  4. Operating Frequency: Different applications may operate at different frequencies, so it’s crucial to choose an inductor that is suitable for the specific frequency range of the application.
  5. Temperature Rise Current: Temperature rise current is the maximum rated current for the inductor while experiencing a 40-degree temperature rise. Understanding this parameter helps ensure that the inductor can operate effectively in high-temperature environments.
  6. Size and Package: The physical size and packaging style of the inductor must align with the PCB layout and application requirements. Smaller inductors are often favored for space-saving purposes.

Advantages of the Accetek Brand

The Accetek brand is widely recognized in the field of power inductors for its outstanding product quality and technological advantages. Here are the notable advantages of the Accetek brand:

  1. Diverse Product Range: Accetek offers an extensive range of power inductors, covering various inductance values, DCR, saturation currents, operating frequencies, and temperature rise currents to meet the diverse needs of different applications.
  2. High Performance: Accetek’s power inductors are renowned for their high performance, delivering stable operation even in high-load, high-frequency, and high-temperature environments.
  3. Innovative Technology: Accetek continuously drives the development of power inductor technology, offering innovative features such as low DCR, low core losses, and high self-resonant frequencies.
  4. Reliability: Accetek products undergo rigorous quality control and testing to ensure long-term reliability and exceptional performance, meeting the requirements of various applications.
  5. Customization Solutions: Accetek provides customized power inductor solutions to meet the specific needs of applications, offering highly personalized products and support for customers.


Selecting a high-performance power inductor is a crucial step in ensuring the success of electronic designs, and the Accetek brand has a proven track record of excellence and innovative technology in the power inductor field. Whether your application is in industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, or other fields, Accetek’s power inductors will empower you to achieve outstanding performance and reliability. Accetek – your powerful partner in electronic design.


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