Un-Shielded Power Inductor


The Accetek 1MG series unshielded power inductor features high saturation current, low loss MnZn ferrite core, improved bonding with a plastic base. It operates in a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C (including self-heating) and is qualified for a reflow peak temperature of 260°C.

  • High saturation current
  • Low loss MnZn ferrite core
  • Plastic base improves the bonding between the base and the magnetic core.
  • Operating Temperature range from -40°C to +125°C (Including Self-heating)
  • 260°C reflow peak temperature qualified


  • Part Number

  • Inductance(µH)

  • Tolerance

  • DCR Max(mΩ)

  • Irms(A)

  • Isat(A)



  1. Inductance measured @ 100KHz, 0.3V at 25°C temperature.
  2. DCR measured @ 25°C.
  3. Irms: DC current for an approximate 40°C rise from 20°C ambient temperature.
  4. Isat: DC current for approximate 10% roll off at 25°C.
  5. Specifications subject to change without notice please check our website for latest information.

Drawing and Dimensions


Tape and Reel specifications


Recommended Reflow Profile



This product is not suitable for the industries listed below unless we have provided explicit confirmation:

  • Healthcare Industry: This product is not certified for medical use and is not intended for medical devices, diagnostics, or treatments.
  • Specified Industries: This product is not suitable for industries that require high levels of safety, reliability, and stability, such as automotive, nuclear power, aerospace, defense, etc.
  • Legal and Compliance Requirements: In industries that have specific regulations, laws, or compliance requirements, this product can only be used after obtaining our explicit confirmation.

We strongly advise you to communicate and confirm with our team before considering the use of our product. Our dedicated team will provide detailed guidance and support to ensure that our product meets your specific needs and complies with applicable regulations and requirements.

Please note that using our product in the industries listed above without our explicit confirmation may result in unexpected outcomes and could potentially violate relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, we highly recommend engaging in communication with our team before making a decision to use our product to ensure its suitability and compliance.