ACC Series

Miniature Coin Type Brushed Vibration Motor


Accetek's ACC Series Miniature Coin Type Brushed Vibration Motors, with their ultra-slim design, starting at a mere 2.0mm, are not only cost-effective and energy-efficient but also versatile. These motors are ideally suited for a variety of applications, including wristbands and smart wearables, due to their flexible installation options that cater to different structural designs and an easy-to-use DC drive method, enhancing the user experience in compact smart devices.

  • Low profile (2.0mm~)
  • Low cost compares with other types of vibration motors
  • Low power consumption
  • Flexible installation methods to meet multiple structural design
  • DC drive method for ease of use


Part NumberRotation Speed(RPM)Standard Voltage(V)Starting Voltage(V)Rated Voltage(V)Operating Current(mA)ΦD(mm)Height(mm)Mounting


  1. Wiring resistance: Tested at 2/3 between poles.
  2. Testing voltage: Standard voltage.
  3. Motor position: Shaft vertical.
  4. Power Supply: Regulated D.C. power supply.
  5. Testing Temp/Humidity: 5℃~35℃・30%~90%.
  6. Specifications subject to change without notice please check our website for latest information.

Drawing and Dimensions


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This product is not suitable for the industries listed below unless we have provided explicit confirmation:

  • Healthcare Industry: This product is not certified for medical use and is not intended for medical devices, diagnostics, or treatments.
  • Specified Industries: This product is not suitable for industries that require high levels of safety, reliability, and stability, such as automotive, nuclear power, aerospace, defense, etc.
  • Legal and Compliance Requirements: In industries that have specific regulations, laws, or compliance requirements, this product can only be used after obtaining our explicit confirmation.

We strongly advise you to communicate and confirm with our team before considering the use of our product. Our dedicated team will provide detailed guidance and support to ensure that our product meets your specific needs and complies with applicable regulations and requirements.

Please note that using our product in the industries listed above without our explicit confirmation may result in unexpected outcomes and could potentially violate relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, we highly recommend engaging in communication with our team before making a decision to use our product to ensure its suitability and compliance.

ACC Series