1MT Series Molded Power Inductor

1MT Features

  • Molded Metal Construction with ultra low DCR
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Ultra High current capability (~110A)
  • No acoustic noise and no leakage field
  • Operating Temperature range from -40°C to +125°C (Including Self-heating)

 Dimensions   Series Datasheet 


1MT Series Molded Power Inductor

Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1MT0420-R10MF 0.10μH ±20% 0.005Ω 0.005Ω 11.0A 30.0A
1MT0420-R22MF 0.22μH ±20% 0.007Ω 0.008Ω 9.0A 17.0A
1MT0420-R47MF 0.47μH ±20% 0.014Ω 0.016Ω 6.0A 11.5A
1MT0420-1R0MF 1.00μH ±20% 0.032Ω 0.036Ω 3.8A 8.5A
1MT0420-1R5MF 1.50μH ±20% 0.038Ω 0.036Ω 3.5A 6.0A
1MT0420-2R2MF 2.20μH ±20% 0.052Ω 0.058Ω 3.0A 5.0A
1MT0420-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.074Ω 0.087Ω 2.5A 4.0A
1MT0420-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.095Ω 0.105Ω 1.7A 1.8A
1MT0420-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.140Ω 0.160Ω 2.0A 2.1A
1MT0420-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.240Ω 0.280Ω 1.6A 2.0A
1MT0420-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.310Ω 0.360Ω 1.2A 1.4A
1MT0520-R10MF 0.10μH ±20% 0.004Ω 0.004Ω 17.0A 38.3A
1MT0520-R22MF 0.22μH ±20% 0.005Ω 0.005Ω 15.0A 28.7A
1MT0520-R33MF 0.33μH ±20% 0.008Ω 0.008Ω 12.0A 21.3A
1MT0520-R47MF 0.47μH ±20% 0.008Ω 0.009Ω 11.5A 17.9A
1MT0520-R68MF 0.68μH ±20% 0.011Ω 0.012Ω 10.0A 15.8A
1MT0520-1R0MF 1.00μH ±20% 0.019Ω 0.020Ω 7.0A 13.7A
1MT0520-2R2MF 2.20μH ±20% 0.046Ω 0.050Ω 4.2A 10.7A
1MT0520-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.079Ω 0.086Ω 3.3A 7.3A
1MT0520-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.108Ω 0.117Ω 2.8A 4.3A