1ME-X Series High Current Power Inductor

  • Excellent saturation current capability
  • Shielded construction reduces leakage flux and EMI
  • Metallization on ferrite core results in excellent shock resistance and damage-free durability
  • Extremely higher current rating than conventional inductors of equal size
  • Save PCB real estate and save more power
  • Operating Temperature range from -40°C to +125°C (Including Self-heating)
  • 260°C reflow peak temperature qualified

 Dimensions     Series Datasheet    Tape and Reel Specifications  

Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME201610X-R24MF 0.24μH ±20% 0.033Ω 0.040Ω 3.45A
1ME201610X-R47MF 0.47μH ±20% 0.041Ω 0.049Ω 3.10A
1ME201610X-R68MF 0.68μH ±20% 0.057Ω 0.065Ω 2.80A
1ME201610X-1R0MF 1.00μH ±20% 0.075Ω 0.090Ω 2.35A
1ME201610X-1R5MF 1.50μH ±20% 0.110Ω 0.130Ω 2.00A
1ME201610X-2R2MF 2.20μH ±20% 0.142Ω 0.170Ω 1.70A
1ME201610X-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.370Ω 0.425Ω 1.00A
1ME201610X-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.688Ω 0.826Ω 0.75A
1ME252010X-R33MF 0.33μH ±20% 0.033Ω 0.039Ω 4.05A
1ME252010X-R47MF 0.47μH ±20% 0.038Ω 0.045Ω 3.70A
1ME252010X-R68MF 0.68μH ±20% 0.049Ω 0.059Ω 3.20A
1ME252010X-1R0MF 1.00μH ±20% 0.063Ω 0.076Ω 2.90A
1ME252010X-1R5MF 1.50μH ±20% 0.088Ω 0.106Ω 2.30A
1ME252010X-2R2MF 2.20μH ±20% 0.129Ω 0.155Ω 1.80A
1ME252010X-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.196Ω 0.235Ω 1.40A
1ME252010X-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.230Ω 0.276Ω 1.30A
1ME252010X-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.435Ω 0.500Ω 0.90A
1ME252012X-R24MF 0.24μH ±20% 0.019Ω 0.023Ω 4.70A
1ME252012X-R33MF 0.33μH ±20% 0.023Ω 0.028Ω 4.30A
1ME252012X-R47MF 0.47μH ±20% 0.029Ω 0.035Ω 4.00A