1ME Series Shielded Power Inductor

1ME Features

  • Shielded Construction with low DCR
  • Inductance ratings to 330 μH
  • Widely applications, highly recommend to use as DC/DC converters
  • Operating Temperature range from -40°C to +125°C (Including Self-heating)
  • 260°C reflow peak temperature qualified

 Dimensions     Series Datasheet    Tape and Reel Specifications



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME252010-R47NF 0.47μH ±30% 0.047Ω 0.056Ω 2.35A 3.35A
1ME252010-R68NF 0.68μH ±30% 0.062Ω 0.074Ω 2.00A 2.75A
1ME252010-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.090Ω 0.108Ω 1.65A 2.20A
1ME252010-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.152Ω 0.182Ω 1.30A 2.10A
1ME252010-2R2NF 2.20μH ±30% 0.174Ω 0.209Ω 1.20A 1.60A
1ME252010-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.273Ω 0.328Ω 0.90A 1.30A
1ME252010-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.469Ω 0.563Ω 0.70A 1.15A
1ME252010-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.747Ω 0.896Ω 0.59A 0.92A
1ME252010-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.910Ω 1.092Ω 0.50A 0.78A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME252012-R47NF 0.47μH ±30% 0.047Ω 0.056Ω 2.15A 4.27A
1ME252012-R68NF 0.68μH ±30% 0.057Ω 0.068Ω 1.95A 3.68A
1ME252012-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.069Ω 0.083Ω 1.93A 2.90A
1ME252012-1R2NF 1.20μH ±30% 0.099Ω 0.119Ω 1.46A 2.67A
1ME252012-1R5MF 1.50μH ±20% 0.113Ω 0.136Ω 1.40A 2.51A
1ME252012-2R2MF 2.20μH ±20% 0.166Ω 0.199Ω 1.15A 2.07A
1ME252012-2R7MF 2.70μH ±20% 0.184Ω 0.221Ω 1.09A 1.92A
1ME252012-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.203Ω 0.244Ω 1.04A 1.80A
1ME252012-3R6MF 3.60μH ±20% 0.268Ω 0.322Ω 0.90A 1.64A
1ME252012-4R3MF 4.30μH ±20% 0.290Ω 0.348Ω 0.87A 1.53A
1ME252012-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.290Ω 0.348Ω 0.84A 1.25A
1ME252012-5R1MF 5.10μH ±20% 0.385Ω 0.462Ω 0.75A 1.37A
1ME252012-5R6MF 5.60μH ±20% 0.414Ω 0.497Ω 0.73A 1.25A
1ME252012-6R2MF 6.20μH ±20% 0.417Ω 0.500Ω 0.73A 1.16A
1ME252012-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.447Ω 0.536Ω 0.69A 1.09A
1ME252012-7R5MF 7.50μH ±20% 0.470Ω 0.564Ω 0.68A 1.09A
1ME252012-8R2MF 8.20μH ±20% 0.506Ω 0.607Ω 0.65A 1.10A
1ME252012-9R1MF 9.10μH ±20% 0.531Ω 0.637Ω 0.62A 1.02A
1ME252012-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.531Ω 0.637Ω 0.62A 0.88A
1ME252012-120MF 12.00μH ±20% 0.827Ω 0.992Ω 0.51A 0.88A
1ME252012-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 1.224Ω 1.469Ω 0.42A 0.77A
1ME252012-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 1.520Ω 1.824Ω 0.38A 0.59A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME3010-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.065Ω 0.085Ω 1.45A 1.40A
1ME3010-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.080Ω 0.104Ω 1.30A 1.27A
1ME3010-2R2NF 2.20μH ±30% 0.110Ω 0.143Ω 1.09A 1.15A
1ME3010-2R7NF 2.70μH ±30% 0.130Ω 0.169Ω 1.02A 1.00A
1ME3010-3R3NF 3.30μH ±30% 0.145Ω 0.189Ω 0.96A 0.97A
1ME3010-3R6MF 3.60μH ±20% 0.165Ω 0.215Ω 0.90A 0.95A
1ME3010-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.225Ω 0.293Ω 0.77A 0.75A
1ME3010-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.305Ω 0.397Ω 0.66A 0.55A
1ME3010-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.400Ω 0.520Ω 0.58A 0.55A
1ME3010-120MF 12.00μH ±20% 0.505Ω 0.657Ω 0.52A 0.43A
1ME3010-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.610Ω 0.793Ω 0.47A 0.42A
1ME3010-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.930Ω 1.209Ω 0.38A 0.35A
1ME3010-270MF 27.00μH ±20% 1.080Ω 1.404Ω 0.35A 0.30A
1ME3010-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 1.550Ω 2.015Ω 0.30A 0.29A
1ME3010-390MF 39.00μH ±20% 1.750Ω 2.275Ω 0.28A 0.28A
1ME3010-430MF 43.00μH ±20% 1.800Ω 2.340Ω 0.27A 0.23A
1ME3010-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 1.950Ω 2.535Ω 0.26A 0.22A
1ME3010-510MF 51.00μH ±20% 2.200Ω 2.860Ω 0.25A 0.21A
1ME3010-560MF 56.00μH ±20% 2.320Ω 3.016Ω 0.24A 0.21A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME3012-R82NF 0.82μH ±30% 0.030Ω 0.039Ω 2.47A 2.05A
1ME3012-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.040Ω 0.052Ω 2.20A 1.87A
1ME3012-1R2NF 1.20μH ±30% 0.045Ω 0.059Ω 2.01A 2.22A
1ME3012-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.045Ω 0.059Ω 2.01A 1.62A
1ME3012-1R8NF 1.80μH ±30% 0.063Ω 0.082Ω 1.65A 1.30A
1ME3012-2R2NF 2.20μH ±20% 0.075Ω 0.098Ω 1.55A 1.20A
1ME3012-2R4NF 2.40μH ±20% 0.068Ω 0.088Ω 1.60A 1.15A
1ME3012-2R7NF 2.70μH ±20% 0.085Ω 0.111Ω 1.48A 1.14A
1ME3012-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.100Ω 0.130Ω 1.36A 1.05A
1ME3012-3R9MF 3.90μH ±20% 0.145Ω 0.189Ω 1.24A 1.00A
1ME3012-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.120Ω 0.156Ω 1.24A 0.90A
1ME3012-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.190Ω 0.247Ω 0.98A 0.75A
1ME3012-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.265Ω 0.345Ω 0.83A 0.60A
1ME3012-120MF 12.00μH ±20% 0.345Ω 0.449Ω 0.73A 0.48A
1ME3012-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.360Ω 0.468Ω 0.71A 0.45A
1ME3012-180MF 18.00μH ±20% 0.545Ω 0.709Ω 0.58A 0.43A
1ME3012-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.645Ω 0.839Ω 0.53A 0.42A
1ME3012-270MF 27.00μH ±20% 0.870Ω 1.131Ω 0.47A 0.36A
1ME3012-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 0.875Ω 1.138Ω 0.46A 0.35A
1ME3012-360MF 36.00μH ±20% 0.950Ω 1.235Ω 0.44A 0.34A
1ME3012-390MF 39.00μH ±20% 1.330Ω 1.729Ω 0.37A 0.30A
1ME3012-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 1.450Ω 1.885Ω 0.35A 0.27A
1ME3012-680MF 68.00μH ±20% 1.670Ω 2.171Ω 0.33A 0.24A
1ME3012-820MF 82.00μH ±20% 2.540Ω 3.302Ω 0.27A 0.17A
1ME3012-101MF 100.00μH ±20% 2.860Ω 3.718Ω 0.25A 0.21A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME3015-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.030Ω 0.039Ω 2.35A 2.32A
1ME3015-1R2NF 1.20μH ±30% 0.040Ω 0.052Ω 1.95A 2.21A
1ME3015-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.050Ω 0.065Ω 1.70A 2.30A
1ME3015-1R8NF 1.80μH ±30% 0.050Ω 0.065Ω 1.70A 1.75A
1ME3015-2R2NF 2.20μH ±30% 0.060Ω 0.078Ω 1.60A 1.60A
1ME3015-2R7NF 2.70μH ±30% 0.075Ω 0.098Ω 1.43A 1.52A
1ME3015-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.080Ω 0.104Ω 1.36A 1.32A
1ME3015-3R6MF 3.60μH ±20% 0.105Ω 0.137Ω 1.20A 1.28A
1ME3015-4R3MF 4.30μH ±20% 0.115Ω 0.150Ω 1.14A 1.20A
1ME3015-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.125Ω 0.163Ω 1.09A 1.10A
1ME3015-5R1MF 5.10μH ±20% 0.133Ω 0.173Ω 1.05A 1.00A
1ME3015-6R2MF 6.20μH ±20% 0.195Ω 0.254Ω 0.86A 1.00A
1ME3015-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.200Ω 0.260Ω 0.85A 0.85A
1ME3015-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.250Ω 0.325Ω 0.77A 0.72A
1ME3015-120MF 12.00μH ±20% 0.320Ω 0.416Ω 0.68A 0.70A
1ME3015-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.350Ω 0.455Ω 0.65A 0.66A
1ME3015-180MF 18.00μH ±20% 0.430Ω 0.559Ω 0.59A 0.56A
1ME3015-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.460Ω 0.598Ω 0.57A 0.52A
1ME3015-270MF 27.00μH ±20% 0.730Ω 0.949Ω 0.45A 0.48A
1ME3015-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 0.820Ω 1.066Ω 0.43A 0.44A
1ME3015-390MF 39.00μH ±20% 0.995Ω 1.294Ω 0.39A 0.41A
1ME3015-430MF 43.00μH ±20% 1.060Ω 1.378Ω 0.37A 0.37A
1ME3015-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 1.250Ω 1.625Ω 0.35A 0.35A
1ME3015-560MF 56.00μH ±20% 1.280Ω 1.664Ω 0.34A 0.33A
1ME3015-620MF 62.00μH ±20% 1.610Ω 2.093Ω 0.30A 0.30A
1ME3015-680MF 68.00μH ±20% 2.700Ω 3.510Ω 0.23A 0.28A
1ME3015-101MF 100.00μH ±20% 3.110Ω 4.043Ω 0.21A 0.23A
1ME3015-151MF 150.00μH ±20% 3.800Ω 4.940Ω 0.19A 0.18A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME4010-1R0NT 1.00μH ±30% 0.056Ω 0.067Ω 1.90A 2.00A
1ME4010-1R5NT 1.50μH ±30% 0.070Ω 0.084Ω 1.70A 1.68A
1ME4010-2R2MT 2.20μH ±20% 0.085Ω 0.102Ω 1.50A 1.20A
1ME4010-3R3MT 3.30μH ±20% 0.100Ω 0.120Ω 1.40A 1.10A
1ME4010-4R7MT 4.70μH ±20% 0.140Ω 0.168Ω 1.20A 0.95A
1ME4010-6R8MT 6.80μH ±20% 0.200Ω 0.240Ω 1.00A 0.80A
1ME4010-100MT 10.00μH ±20% 0.300Ω 0.360Ω 0.75A 0.62A
1ME4010-150MT 15.00μH ±20% 0.430Ω 0.516Ω 0.60A 0.54A
1ME4010-220MT 22.00μH ±20% 0.570Ω 0.684Ω 0.50A 0.45A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME4012-R82NF 0.82μH ±30% 0.050Ω 0.065Ω 1.65A 3.02A
1ME4012-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.050Ω 0.065Ω 1.65A 2.61A
1ME4012-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.065Ω 0.085Ω 1.46A 2.10A
1ME4012-1R8NF 1.80μH ±30% 0.080Ω 0.104Ω 1.32A 2.12A
1ME4012-2R2NF 2.20μH ±30% 0.080Ω 0.104Ω 1.32A 1.76A
1ME4012-2R7NF 2.70μH ±30% 0.090Ω 0.117Ω 1.25A 1.90A
1ME4012-3R3NF 3.30μH ±30% 0.110Ω 0.143Ω 1.12A 1.72A
1ME4012-3R6NF 3.60μH ±30% 0.110Ω 0.143Ω 1.12A 1.20A
1ME4012-4R3NF 4.30μH ±30% 0.140Ω 0.182Ω 1.00A 1.58A
1ME4012-4R7NF 4.70μH ±30% 0.125Ω 0.163Ω 1.05A 1.15A
1ME4012-5R1NF 5.10μH ±30% 0.155Ω 0.202Ω 0.95A 1.55A
1ME4012-5R6NF 5.60μH ±30% 0.140Ω 0.182Ω 1.00A 1.00A
1ME4012-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.198Ω 0.257Ω 0.84A 0.85A
1ME4012-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.265Ω 0.345Ω 0.77A 0.80A
1ME4012-120MF 12.00μH ±20% 0.290Ω 0.377Ω 0.70A 0.66A
1ME4012-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.340Ω 0.442Ω 0.64A 0.56A
1ME4012-180MF 18.00μH ±20% 0.470Ω 0.611Ω 0.55A 0.55A
1ME4012-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.587Ω 0.763Ω 0.49A 0.46A
1ME4012-270MF 27.00μH ±20% 0.720Ω 0.936Ω 0.45A 0.50A
1ME4012-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 0.810Ω 1.053Ω 0.42A 0.42A
1ME4012-360MF 36.00μH ±20% 0.900Ω 1.170Ω 0.40A 0.40A
1ME4012-390MF 39.00μH ±20% 1.100Ω 1.430Ω 0.37A 0.55A
1ME4012-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 1.100Ω 1.430Ω 0.37A 0.35A
1ME4012-560MF 56.00μH ±20% 1.250Ω 1.625Ω 0.33A 0.33A
1ME4012-680MF 68.00μH ±20% 1.950Ω 2.535Ω 0.27A 0.38A
1ME4012-820MF 82.00μH ±20% 2.140Ω 2.782Ω 0.26A 0.28A
1ME4012-101MF 100.00μH ±20% 2.210Ω 2.873Ω 0.25A 0.25A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME4018-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.025Ω 0.033Ω 2.00A 4.80A
1ME4018-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.030Ω 0.039Ω 1.80A 3.35A
1ME4018-2R2MF 2.20μH ±20% 0.045Ω 0.059Ω 1.65A 2.70A
1ME4018-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.070Ω 0.091Ω 1.23A 2.45A
1ME4018-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.090Ω 0.117Ω 1.20A 1.70A
1ME4018-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.110Ω 0.143Ω 1.06A 1.45A
1ME4018-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.180Ω 0.234Ω 0.84A 1.30A
1ME4018-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.250Ω 0.325Ω 0.65A 0.94A
1ME4018-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.360Ω 0.468Ω 0.59A 0.80A
1ME4018-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 0.530Ω 0.689Ω 0.49A 0.56A
1ME4018-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 0.650Ω 0.845Ω 0.42A 0.57A
1ME4018-680MF 68.00μH ±20% 1.000Ω 1.300Ω 0.32A 0.47A
1ME4018-101MF 100.00μH ±20% 1.750Ω 2.275Ω 0.25A 0.40A
1ME4018-151MF 150.00μH ±20% 2.500Ω 3.250Ω 0.22A 0.31A
1ME4018-221MF 220.00μH ±20% 4.000Ω 5.200Ω 0.17A 0.27A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME4020-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.029Ω 0.038Ω 2.15A 4.78A
1ME4020-1R2NF 1.20μH ±30% 0.029Ω 0.038Ω 2.15A 5.10A
1ME4020-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.035Ω 0.046Ω 1.98A 4.45A
1ME4020-2R2NF 2.20μH ±30% 0.040Ω 0.052Ω 1.85A 3.40A
1ME4020-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.070Ω 0.091Ω 1.40A 3.20A
1ME4020-3R6MF 3.60μH ±20% 0.055Ω 0.072Ω 1.54A 2.80A
1ME4020-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.075Ω 0.098Ω 1.34A 2.35A
1ME4020-5R1MF 5.10μH ±20% 0.085Ω 0.111Ω 1.27A 2.30A
1ME4020-5R6MF 5.60μH ±20% 0.090Ω 0.117Ω 1.22A 2.20A
1ME4020-6R2MF 6.20μH ±20% 0.115Ω 0.150Ω 1.08A 2.15A
1ME4020-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.125Ω 0.163Ω 1.04A 2.20A
1ME4020-7R5MF 7.50μH ±20% 0.115Ω 0.150Ω 1.08A 1.85A
1ME4020-8R2MF 8.20μH ±20% 0.125Ω 0.163Ω 1.04A 1.75A
1ME4020-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.165Ω 0.215Ω 0.90A 1.60A
1ME4020-120MF 12.00μH ±20% 0.175Ω 0.228Ω 0.88A 1.50A
1ME4020-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.230Ω 0.299Ω 0.77A 1.35A
1ME4020-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.350Ω 0.455Ω 0.62A 1.05A
1ME4020-270MF 27.00μH ±20% 0.545Ω 0.709Ω 0.50A 1.02A
1ME4020-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 0.550Ω 0.715Ω 0.49A 0.85A
1ME4020-390MF 39.00μH ±20% 0.650Ω 0.845Ω 0.46A 0.82A
1ME4020-430MF 43.00μH ±20% 0.660Ω 0.858Ω 0.45A 0.77A
1ME4020-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 0.710Ω 0.923Ω 0.44A 0.74A
1ME4020-510MF 51.00μH ±20% 0.750Ω 0.975Ω 0.42A 0.70A
1ME4020-560MF 56.00μH ±20% 0.800Ω 1.040Ω 0.41A 0.66A
1ME4020-620MF 62.00μH ±20% 0.900Ω 1.170Ω 0.39A 0.65A
1ME4020-680MF 68.00μH ±20% 1.060Ω 1.378Ω 0.36A 0.61A
1ME4020-750MF 75.00μH ±20% 1.160Ω 1.508Ω 0.35A 0.70A
1ME4020-820MF 82.00μH ±20% 1.170Ω 1.521Ω 0.34A 0.50A
1ME4020-101MF 100.00μH ±20% 1.550Ω 2.015Ω 0.31A 0.48A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME4026-1R2NF 1.20μH ±30% 0.030Ω 0.039Ω 2.30A 3.10A
1ME4026-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.030Ω 0.039Ω 2.30A 2.40A
1ME4026-2R2MF 2.20μH ±20% 0.040Ω 0.052Ω 2.00A 2.10A
1ME4026-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.050Ω 0.065Ω 1.70A 1.80A
1ME4026-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.050Ω 0.065Ω 1.70A 1.80A
1ME4026-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.055Ω 0.072Ω 1.60A 1.45A
1ME4026-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.065Ω 0.085Ω 1.50A 1.30A
1ME4026-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.085Ω 0.111Ω 1.30A 1.00A
1ME4026-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.110Ω 0.143Ω 1.10A 0.90A
1ME4026-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.165Ω 0.215Ω 0.90A 0.60A
1ME4026-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 0.270Ω 0.351Ω 0.70A 0.55A
1ME4026-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 0.300Ω 0.390Ω 0.65A 0.40A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME4030-R91NF 0.91μH ±30% 0.013Ω 0.017Ω 4.00A 6.25A
1ME4030-1R2NF 1.20μH ±30% 0.015Ω 0.020Ω 3.82A 5.80A
1ME4030-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.020Ω 0.026Ω 3.34A 4.84A
1ME4030-1R8NF 1.80μH ±20% 0.028Ω 0.036Ω 3.00A 4.80A
1ME4030-2R2NF 2.20μH ±30% 0.030Ω 0.039Ω 2.95A 4.40A
1ME4030-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.040Ω 0.052Ω 2.40A 3.30A
1ME4030-4R3MF 4.30μH ±20% 0.055Ω 0.072Ω 2.10A 2.95A
1ME4030-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.060Ω 0.078Ω 2.00A 2.90A
1ME4030-5R6MF 5.60μH ±20% 0.065Ω 0.085Ω 1.95A 2.60A
1ME4030-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.090Ω 0.117Ω 1.60A 2.75A
1ME4030-7R5MF 7.50μH ±20% 0.085Ω 0.111Ω 1.65A 2.20A
1ME4030-8R2MF 8.20μH ±20% 0.090Ω 0.117Ω 1.60A 2.10A
1ME4030-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.100Ω 0.130Ω 1.50A 1.95A
1ME4030-120MF 12.00μH ±20% 0.135Ω 0.176Ω 1.30A 1.70A
1ME4030-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.190Ω 0.247Ω 1.11A 1.65A
1ME4030-180MF 18.00μH ±20% 0.200Ω 0.260Ω 1.10A 1.40A
1ME4030-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.225Ω 0.293Ω 1.00A 1.30A
1ME4030-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 0.330Ω 0.429Ω 0.84A 1.10A
1ME4030-360MF 36.00μH ±20% 0.335Ω 0.436Ω 0.83A 1.05A
1ME4030-390MF 39.00μH ±20% 0.435Ω 0.566Ω 0.73A 1.03A
1ME4030-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 0.445Ω 0.579Ω 0.72A 0.95A
1ME4030-510MF 51.00μH ±20% 0.470Ω 0.611Ω 0.70A 0.90A
1ME4030-560MF 56.00μH ±20% 0.555Ω 0.722Ω 0.65A 0.85A
1ME4030-620MF 62.00μH ±20% 0.585Ω 0.761Ω 0.63A 0.80A
1ME4030-680MF 68.00μH ±20% 0.868Ω 1.128Ω 0.52A 0.72A
1ME4030-750MF 75.00μH ±20% 1.020Ω 1.326Ω 0.48A 0.70A
1ME4030-820MF 82.00μH ±20% 1.060Ω 1.378Ω 0.47A 0.66A
1ME4030-910MF 91.00μH ±20% 1.100Ω 1.430Ω 0.46A 0.65A
1ME4030-101MF 100.00μH ±20% 1.150Ω 1.495Ω 0.45A 0.60A
1ME4030-121MF 120.00μH ±20% 1.350Ω 1.755Ω 0.42A 0.55A
1ME4030-151MF 150.00μH ±20% 1.800Ω 2.340Ω 0.30A 0.50A
1ME4030-471MF 470.00μH ±20% 7.200Ω 9.360Ω 0.20A 0.30A
1ME4030-681MF 680.00μH ±20% 7.580Ω 9.854Ω 0.14A 0.19A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME5012-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.057Ω 0.074Ω 2.40A 4.40A
1ME5012-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.072Ω 0.094Ω 2.25A 3.70A
1ME5012-2R2NF 2.20μH ±30% 0.090Ω 0.117Ω 2.00A 3.10A
1ME5012-3R3NF 3.30μH ±30% 0.126Ω 0.164Ω 1.70A 2.45A
1ME5012-4R7NF 4.70μH ±30% 0.164Ω 0.213Ω 1.50A 2.20A
1ME5012-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.245Ω 0.319Ω 1.25A 1.75A
1ME5012-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.344Ω 0.447Ω 1.05A 1.40A
1ME5012-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.436Ω 0.567Ω 0.92A 1.25A
1ME5012-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.858Ω 1.115Ω 0.60A 0.88A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME5020-R47NF 0.47μH ±30% 0.013Ω 0.017Ω 4.60A 6.15A
1ME5020-R75NF 0.75μH ±30% 0.017Ω 0.022Ω 4.00A 5.50A
1ME5020-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.020Ω 0.026Ω 3.80A 4.10A
1ME5020-1R2NF 1.20μH ±30% 0.022Ω 0.029Ω 3.55A 4.50A
1ME5020-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.026Ω 0.034Ω 3.20A 4.10A
1ME5020-2R2NF 2.20μH ±20% 0.032Ω 0.042Ω 2.90A 3.20A
1ME5020-2R7NF 2.70μH ±30% 0.038Ω 0.049Ω 2.70A 2.90A
1ME5020-3R0NF 3.00μH ±30% 0.038Ω 0.049Ω 2.70A 2.55A
1ME5020-3R3NF 3.30μH ±30% 0.043Ω 0.056Ω 2.50A 2.55A
1ME5020-3R6NF 3.60μH ±30% 0.043Ω 0.056Ω 2.50A 2.80A
1ME5020-3R9NF 3.90μH ±30% 0.043Ω 0.056Ω 2.50A 2.30A
1ME5020-4R3MF 4.30μH ±20% 0.057Ω 0.074Ω 2.20A 2.50A
1ME5020-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.057Ω 0.074Ω 2.20A 2.50A
1ME5020-5R1MF 5.10μH ±20% 0.064Ω 0.083Ω 2.05A 2.25A
1ME5020-5R6MF 5.60μH ±20% 0.064Ω 0.083Ω 2.05A 2.30A
1ME5020-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.083Ω 0.108Ω 1.80A 2.05A
1ME5020-7R5MF 7.50μH ±20% 0.090Ω 0.117Ω 1.75A 1.85A
1ME5020-8R2MF 8.20μH ±20% 0.098Ω 0.127Ω 1.65A 1.85A
1ME5020-9R1MF 9.10μH ±20% 0.110Ω 0.143Ω 1.55A 1.70A
1ME5020-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.110Ω 0.143Ω 1.55A 1.70A
1ME5020-120MF 12.00μH ±20% 0.140Ω 0.182Ω 1.40A 1.50A
1ME5020-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.165Ω 0.215Ω 1.25A 1.35A
1ME5020-180MF 18.00μH ±20% 0.200Ω 0.260Ω 1.15A 1.25A
1ME5020-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.226Ω 0.294Ω 1.10A 1.15A
1ME5020-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 0.390Ω 0.507Ω 0.90A 0.92A
1ME5020-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 0.523Ω 0.679Ω 0.77A 0.77A
1ME5020-560MF 56.00μH ±20% 0.630Ω 0.819Ω 0.70A 0.77A
1ME5020-101MF 100.00μH ±20% 1.100Ω 1.430Ω 0.53A 0.53A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME5040-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.012Ω 0.016Ω 4.90A 7.35A
1ME5040-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.015Ω 0.020Ω 4.30A 6.30A
1ME5040-2R2NF 2.20μH ±30% 0.019Ω 0.025Ω 3.80A 4.90A
1ME5040-2R7NF 2.70μH ±30% 0.022Ω 0.029Ω 3.60A 4.30A
1ME5040-3R3NF 3.30μH ±30% 0.024Ω 0.031Ω 3.40A 3.95A
1ME5040-3R9NF 3.90μH ±30% 0.027Ω 0.035Ω 3.20A 3.55A
1ME5040-4R7NF 4.70μH ±30% 0.030Ω 0.039Ω 3.00A 3.50A
1ME5040-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.043Ω 0.056Ω 2.50A 2.90A
1ME5040-8R2MF 8.20μH ±20% 0.048Ω 0.062Ω 2.30A 2.70A
1ME5040-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.064Ω 0.083Ω 2.10A 2.35A
1ME5040-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.086Ω 0.112Ω 2.00A 2.00A
1ME5040-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.129Ω 0.168Ω 1.50A 1.60A
1ME5040-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 0.188Ω 0.244Ω 1.20A 1.30A
1ME5040-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 0.272Ω 0.354Ω 1.00A 1.10A
1ME5040-680MF 68.00μH ±20% 0.400Ω 0.520Ω 0.80A 0.90A
1ME5040-101MF 100.00μH ±20% 0.560Ω 0.728Ω 0.70A 0.75A
1ME5040-151MF 150.00μH ±20% 0.750Ω 0.975Ω 0.60A 0.65A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME6020-R50NF 0.50μH ±30% 0.014Ω 0.018Ω 3.30A 4.50A
1ME6020-R68NF 0.68μH ±30% 0.017Ω 0.022Ω 3.80A 6.55A
1ME6020-R82NF 0.82μH ±30% 0.017Ω 0.022Ω 3.80A 5.30A
1ME6020-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.020Ω 0.026Ω 3.50A 4.15A
1ME6020-1R2NF 1.20μH ±30% 0.022Ω 0.029Ω 3.20A 5.90A
1ME6020-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.022Ω 0.029Ω 3.20A 4.25A
1ME6020-1R8NF 1.80μH ±30% 0.028Ω 0.036Ω 2.75A 4.85A
1ME6020-2R0NF 2.00μH ±30% 0.035Ω 0.046Ω 2.60A 4.10A
1ME6020-2R2NF 2.20μH ±30% 0.028Ω 0.036Ω 3.75A 3.75A
1ME6020-2R7NF 2.70μH ±30% 0.035Ω 0.046Ω 2.60A 3.90A
1ME6020-3R3NF 3.30μH ±30% 0.035Ω 0.046Ω 2.60A 3.15A
1ME6020-3R9NF 3.90μH ±30% 0.049Ω 0.064Ω 2.10A 3.25A
1ME6020-4R3NF 4.30μH ±30% 0.049Ω 0.064Ω 2.10A 2.70A
1ME6020-4R7NF 4.70μH ±30% 0.058Ω 0.075Ω 2.00A 3.00A
1ME6020-5R6NF 5.60μH ±30% 0.058Ω 0.075Ω 1.90A 2.40A
1ME6020-6R2NF 6.20μH ±30% 0.079Ω 0.103Ω 1.80A 2.30A
1ME6020-6R8NF 6.80μH ±20% 0.079Ω 0.103Ω 1.80A 2.20A
1ME6020-8R2NF 8.20μH ±30% 0.105Ω 0.137Ω 1.40A 2.10A
1ME6020-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.105Ω 0.137Ω 1.40A 1.75A
1ME6020-120MF 12.00μH ±20% 0.120Ω 0.156Ω 1.30A 1.45A
1ME6020-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.145Ω 0.189Ω 1.20A 1.20A
1ME6020-180MF 18.00μH ±20% 0.180Ω 0.234Ω 1.08A 1.20A
1ME6020-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.204Ω 0.265Ω 1.00A 1.05A
1ME6020-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 0.300Ω 0.390Ω 0.84A 0.95A
1ME6020-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 0.430Ω 0.559Ω 0.70A 0.80A
1ME6020-331MF 330.00μH ±20% 2.630Ω 3.419Ω 0.33A 0.27A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME6028-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.010Ω 0.013Ω 5.20A 5.75A
1ME6028-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.013Ω 0.017Ω 4.58A 6.00A
1ME6028-2R2NF 2.20μH ±30% 0.020Ω 0.026Ω 3.75A 5.10A
1ME6028-2R7NF 2.70μH ±30% 0.020Ω 0.026Ω 3.75A 3.80A
1ME6028-3R3NF 3.30μH ±30% 0.025Ω 0.033Ω 3.48A 4.15A
1ME6028-4R7NF 4.70μH ±30% 0.030Ω 0.039Ω 3.08A 3.00A
1ME6028-5R1NF 5.10μH ±30% 0.043Ω 0.056Ω 2.60A 3.20A
1ME6028-6R2MF 6.20μH ±20% 0.047Ω 0.061Ω 2.40A 3.05A
1ME6028-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.047Ω 0.061Ω 2.40A 2.60A
1ME6028-8R2MF 8.20μH ±20% 0.055Ω 0.072Ω 2.25A 2.30A
1ME6028-9R1MF 9.10μH ±20% 0.074Ω 0.096Ω 2.15A 2.55A
1ME6028-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.072Ω 0.094Ω 1.95A 2.04A
1ME6028-120MF 12.00μH ±20% 0.080Ω 0.104Ω 1.85A 1.80A
1ME6028-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.125Ω 0.163Ω 1.45A 1.75A
1ME6028-180MF 18.00μH ±20% 0.120Ω 0.156Ω 1.45A 1.52A
1ME6028-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.140Ω 0.182Ω 1.40A 1.45A
1ME6028-270MF 27.00μH ±20% 0.155Ω 0.202Ω 1.32A 1.50A
1ME6028-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 0.185Ω 0.241Ω 1.22A 1.35A
1ME6028-360MF 36.00μH ±20% 0.215Ω 0.280Ω 1.13A 1.25A
1ME6028-390MF 39.00μH ±20% 0.225Ω 0.293Ω 1.10A 1.25A
1ME6028-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 0.315Ω 0.410Ω 1.06A 1.15A
1ME6028-680MF 68.00μH ±20% 0.360Ω 0.468Ω 0.86A 0.90A
1ME6028-750MF 75.00μH ±20% 0.410Ω 0.533Ω 0.81A 0.90A
1ME6028-820MF 82.00μH ±20% 0.500Ω 0.650Ω 0.70A 0.80A
1ME6028-101MF 100.00μH ±20% 0.500Ω 0.650Ω 0.70A 0.65A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME6045-R82NF 0.82μH ±30% 0.008Ω 0.010Ω 5.90A 10.40A
1ME6045-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.011Ω 0.014Ω 5.14A 9.85A
1ME6045-1R2NF 1.20μH ±30% 0.010Ω 0.013Ω 5.40A 8.35A
1ME6045-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.012Ω 0.016Ω 4.95A 8.80A
1ME6045-1R8NF 1.80μH ±30% 0.012Ω 0.016Ω 4.95A 7.60A
1ME6045-2R2NF 2.20μH ±20% 0.014Ω 0.018Ω 4.60A 6.75A
1ME6045-2R3NF 2.30μH ±30% 0.021Ω 0.027Ω 3.50A 6.00A
1ME6045-2R7NF 2.70μH ±30% 0.015Ω 0.020Ω 4.30A 5.75A
1ME6045-3R0NF 3.00μH ±30% 0.020Ω 0.026Ω 3.80A 5.60A
1ME6045-3R3NF 3.30μH ±30% 0.021Ω 0.027Ω 3.70A 5.90A
1ME6045-3R6NF 3.60μH ±30% 0.021Ω 0.027Ω 3.70A 5.25A
1ME6045-4R3MF 4.30μH ±20% 0.023Ω 0.030Ω 3.50A 4.45A
1ME6045-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.026Ω 0.034Ω 3.30A 4.97A
1ME6045-5R1MF 5.10μH ±20% 0.026Ω 0.034Ω 3.30A 4.40A
1ME6045-5R6MF 5.60μH ±20% 0.029Ω 0.038Ω 3.15A 4.15A
1ME6045-6R2MF 6.20μH ±20% 0.031Ω 0.040Ω 3.00A 4.43A
1ME6045-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.031Ω 0.040Ω 3.00A 3.90A
1ME6045-7R5MF 7.50μH ±20% 0.034Ω 0.044Ω 2.90A 3.50A
1ME6045-8R2MF 8.20μH ±20% 0.043Ω 0.056Ω 2.60A 3.90A
1ME6045-9R1MF 9.10μH ±20% 0.043Ω 0.056Ω 2.60A 3.35A
1ME6045-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.048Ω 0.062Ω 2.45A 3.20A
1ME6045-120MF 12.00μH ±20% 0.058Ω 0.075Ω 2.20A 2.80A
1ME6045-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.068Ω 0.088Ω 2.05A 2.50A
1ME6045-180MF 18.00μH ±20% 0.081Ω 0.105Ω 1.85A 2.20A
1ME6045-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.089Ω 0.116Ω 1.80A 2.05A
1ME6045-270MF 27.00μH ±20% 0.102Ω 0.133Ω 1.65A 1.90A
1ME6045-300MF 30.00μH ±20% 0.132Ω 0.172Ω 1.50A 1.70A
1ME6045-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 0.137Ω 0.178Ω 1.45A 1.65A
1ME6045-360MF 36.00μH ±20% 0.173Ω 0.225Ω 1.40A 1.62A
1ME6045-390MF 39.00μH ±20% 0.180Ω 0.234Ω 1.25A 1.50A
1ME6045-430MF 43.00μH ±20% 0.200Ω 0.260Ω 1.20A 1.63A
1ME6045-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 0.200Ω 0.260Ω 1.20A 1.40A
1ME6045-510MF 51.00μH ±20% 0.207Ω 0.269Ω 1.15A 1.35A
1ME6045-560MF 56.00μH ±20% 0.221Ω 0.287Ω 1.10A 1.30A
1ME6045-620MF 62.00μH ±20% 0.235Ω 0.306Ω 1.10A 1.25A
1ME6045-680MF 68.00μH ±20% 0.289Ω 0.376Ω 1.00A 1.20A
1ME6045-750MF 75.00μH ±20% 0.305Ω 0.397Ω 0.95A 1.15A
1ME6045-820MF 82.00μH ±20% 0.341Ω 0.443Ω 0.90A 1.05A
1ME6045-910MF 91.00μH ±20% 0.359Ω 0.467Ω 0.85A 1.00A
1ME6045-101MF 100.00μH ±20% 0.433Ω 0.563Ω 0.80A 0.95A
1ME6045-121MF 120.00μH ±20% 0.484Ω 0.629Ω 0.77A 0.85A
1ME6045-151MF 150.00μH ±20% 0.580Ω 0.754Ω 0.70A 0.80A
1ME6045-221MF 220.00μH ±20% 0.834Ω 1.084Ω 0.59A 0.70A
1ME6045-331MF 330.00μH ±20% 1.270Ω 1.651Ω 0.57A 0.57A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1ME8040-R82NF 0.82μH ±30% 0.008Ω 0.010Ω 6.30A 13.80A
1ME8040-1R0NF 1.00μH ±30% 0.008Ω 0.010Ω 6.30A 9.85A
1ME8040-1R5NF 1.50μH ±30% 0.010Ω 0.013Ω 5.65A 8.15A
1ME8040-2R0NF 2.00μH ±30% 0.012Ω 0.016Ω 5.15A 9.25A
1ME8040-2R2NF 2.20μH ±30% 0.012Ω 0.016Ω 5.15A 7.10A
1ME8040-3R0NF 3.00μH ±20% 0.014Ω 0.018Ω 4.70A 6.10A
1ME8040-3R3NF 3.30μH ±30% 0.017Ω 0.022Ω 4.40A 6.50A
1ME8040-3R6NF 3.60μH ±30% 0.017Ω 0.022Ω 4.35A 7.52A
1ME8040-3R9NF 3.90μH ±30% 0.017Ω 0.022Ω 4.35A 5.75A
1ME8040-4R7NF 4.70μH ±30% 0.019Ω 0.025Ω 4.10A 5.90A
1ME8040-5R1NF 5.10μH ±30% 0.019Ω 0.025Ω 4.05A 4.70A
1ME8040-5R6NF 5.60μH ±30% 0.021Ω 0.027Ω 3.85A 6.00A
1ME8040-6R2NF 6.20μH ±30% 0.021Ω 0.027Ω 3.85A 4.45A
1ME8040-6R8MF 6.80μH ±30% 0.024Ω 0.031Ω 3.60A 4.55A
1ME8040-8R2MF 8.20μH ±20% 0.026Ω 0.034Ω 3.45A 4.20A
1ME8040-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.029Ω 0.038Ω 3.30A 3.60A
1ME8040-150MF 15.00μH ±20% 0.047Ω 0.061Ω 2.60A 2.95A
1ME8040-180MF 18.00μH ±20% 0.053Ω 0.069Ω 2.40A 2.70A
1ME8040-220MF 22.00μH ±20% 0.069Ω 0.090Ω 2.10A 2.40A
1ME8040-270MF 27.00μH ±20% 0.078Ω 0.101Ω 2.00A 2.15A
1ME8040-330MF 33.00μH ±20% 0.097Ω 0.126Ω 1.80A 2.05A
1ME8040-360MF 36.00μH ±20% 0.102Ω 0.133Ω 1.75A 2.00A
1ME8040-390MF 39.00μH ±20% 0.107Ω 0.139Ω 1.70A 1.95A
1ME8040-430MF 43.00μH ±20% 0.113Ω 0.147Ω 1.65A 1.90A
1ME8040-470MF 47.00μH ±20% 0.136Ω 0.177Ω 1.55A 1.75A
1ME8040-510MF 51.00μH ±20% 0.142Ω 0.185Ω 1.50A 1.70A
1ME8040-560MF 56.00μH ±20% 0.148Ω 0.192Ω 1.45A 1.55A
1ME8040-620MF 62.00μH ±20% 0.182Ω 0.237Ω 1.30A 1.50A
1ME8040-680MF 68.00μH ±20% 0.196Ω 0.255Ω 1.25A 1.45A
1ME8040-750MF 75.00μH ±20% 0.211Ω 0.274Ω 1.20A 1.35A
1ME8040-820MF 82.00μH ±20% 0.225Ω 0.293Ω 1.15A 1.30A
1ME8040-910MF 91.00μH ±20% 0.272Ω 0.354Ω 1.05A 1.20A
1ME8040-101MF 100.00μH ±20% 0.290Ω 0.377Ω 1.00A 1.15A
1ME8040-121MF 120.00μH ±20% 0.334Ω 0.434Ω 0.95A 1.05A
1ME8040-151MF 150.00μH ±20% 0.410Ω 0.533Ω 0.85A 1.10A
1ME8040-221MF 220.00μH ±20% 0.599Ω 0.779Ω 0.80A 0.85A
1ME8040-331MF 330.00μH ±20% 0.889Ω 1.156Ω 0.64A 0.68A