1MZ Series Radial Leaded Power Inductor

1MZ Features

  • Flat bottom design
  • Low DC-resistance
  • Flame retardant polyolefin wrap to protect the winding
  • Current ratings up to 8.5 Amps
  • Inductance values from 1.0µH to 18mH
  • Operating Temperature range from -40°C to +125°C (Including Self-heating)
  • Custom design on request

 Dimensions     Series Datasheet    Tape and Reel Specifications



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Max. Irms Isat SRF Typ.
1MZ0608-1R0MF_ 1.0μH ±20% 0.015Ω 8.50A 8.00A 140.0MHz
1MZ0608-2R2MF_ 2.2μH ±20% 0.020Ω 6.30A 4.30A 65.0MHz
1MZ0608-3R3MF_ 3.3μH ±20% 0.025Ω 4.70A 4.00A 48.0MHz
1MZ0608-4R7MF_ 4.7μH ±20% 0.030Ω 4.20A 3.70A 40.0MHz
1MZ0608-6R8MF_ 6.8μH ±20% 0.034Ω 3.30A 3.00A 32.0MHz
1MZ0608-100KF_ 10.0μH ±10% 0.080Ω 2.50A 2.60A 28.0MHz
1MZ0608-220KF_ 22.0μH ±10% 0.130Ω 1.80A 1.70A 15.0MHz
1MZ0608-330KF_ 33.0μH ±10% 0.220Ω 1.40A 1.40A 14.0MHz
1MZ0608-470KF_ 47.0μH ±10% 0.340Ω 1.18A 1.20A 10.6MHz
1MZ0608-680KF_ 68.0μH ±10% 0.400Ω 0.80A 1.00A 7.5MHz
1MZ0608-820KF_ 82.0μH ±10% 0.470Ω 0.80A 0.90A 7.2MHz
1MZ0608-101KF_ 100.0μH ±10% 0.550Ω 0.80A 0.80A 7.1MHz
1MZ0608-221KF_ 220.0μH ±10% 1.200Ω 0.50A 0.50A 4.2MHz
1MZ0608-471KF_ 470.0μH ±10% 2.400Ω 0.35A 0.40A 2.9MHz
1MZ0608-681KF_ 680.0μH ±10% 3.700Ω 0.25A 0.30A 2.4MHz
1MZ0608-102KF_ 1000.0μH ±10% 6.000Ω 0.25A 0.27A 1.8MHz
1MZ0608-152KF_ 1500.0μH ±10% 8.000Ω 0.19A 0.20A 1.4MHz
1MZ0608-222KF_ 2200.0μH ±10% 11.800Ω 0.16A 0.18A 1.2MHz
1MZ0807-1R0MF_ 1.0μH ±20% 0.008Ω 8.50A 10.00A 180.0MHz
1MZ0807-2R2MF_ 2.2μH ±20% 0.012Ω 7.50A 6.00A 80.0MHz
1MZ0807-2R7MF_ 2.7μH ±20% 0.014Ω 6.54A 5.50A 40.0MHz
1MZ0807-3R3MF_ 3.3μH ±20% 0.017Ω 5.97A 5.00A 40.0MHz
1MZ0807-3R9MF_ 3.9μH ±20% 0.020Ω 5.26A 4.50A 40.0MHz
1MZ0807-4R7MF_ 4.7μH ±20% 0.024Ω 4.98A 4.20A 40.0MHz
1MZ0807-5R6MF_ 5.6μH ±20% 0.028Ω 4.83A 4.00A 40.0MHz
1MZ0807-6R8MF_ 6.8μH ±20% 0.033Ω 4.55A 3.60A 30.0MHz
1MZ0807-8R2MF_ 8.2μH ±20% 0.035Ω 4.27A 3.30A 30.0MHz
1MZ0807-100KF_ 10.0μH ±10% 0.040Ω 4.20A 3.10A 30.0MHz
1MZ0807-120KF_ 12.0μH ±10% 0.050Ω 3.56A 2.80A 30.0MHz
1MZ0807-150KF_ 15.0μH ±10% 0.065Ω 3.20A 2.50A 25.0MHz