1MX Series Shielded Radial Leaded Power Inductor

1MX Features

  • Radial through-hole inductor in shielded construction
  • Saturation current rating up to 14.0 Amps
  • Inductance ratings from 1.3 to 100000 µH
  • Operating Temperature range from -40°C to +105°C (Including Self-heating)
  • Custom design on request

 Dimensions   Series Datasheet

Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat SRF Typ.
1MX1112-1R3MF 1.3μH ±20% 0.0060Ω 0.0070Ω 8.50A 14.00A 100.00MHz
1MX1112-2R2MF 2.2μH ±20% 0.0075Ω 0.0088Ω 8.20A 10.00A 75.00MHz
1MX1112-3R3MF 3.3μH ±20% 0.0090Ω 0.0106Ω 7.50A 8.00A 58.00MHz
1MX1112-4R7MF 4.7μH ±20% 0.0105Ω 0.0122Ω 6.90A 6.00A 48.00MHz
1MX1112-6R8MF 6.8μH ±20% 0.0119Ω 0.0139Ω 6.40A 5.00A 42.00MHz
1MX1112-100MF 10.0μH ±20% 0.0175Ω 0.0220Ω 5.10A 4.20A 40.00MHz
1MX1112-220MF 22.0μH ±20% 0.0380Ω 0.0480Ω 3.70A 3.00A 26.00MHz
1MX1112-330MF 33.0μH ±20% 0.0500Ω 0.0610Ω 3.60A 2.80A 10.00MHz
1MX1112-470MF 47.0μH ±20% 0.0740Ω 0.0880Ω 3.00A 2.50A 9.00MHz
1MX1112-101MF 100.0μH ±20% 0.1500Ω 0.1900Ω 1.60A 1.40A 4.90MHz
1MX1112-221MF 220.0μH ±20% 0.2700Ω 0.3200Ω 1.30A 1.00A 2.80MHz
1MX1112-331MF 330.0μH ±20% 0.4000Ω 0.4800Ω 1.00A 0.80A 2.00MHz
1MX1112-471MF 470.0μH ±20% 0.5800Ω 0.7000Ω 0.85A 0.50A 1.80MHz
1MX1112-102MF 1000.0μH ±20% 1.2000Ω 1.5000Ω 0.60A 0.40A 1.10MHz
1MX1112-222MF 2200.0μH ±20% 2.2500Ω 2.7000Ω 0.40A 0.30A 0.78MHz
1MX1112-332MF 3300.0μH ±20% 4.0000Ω 4.8000Ω 0.30A 0.25A 0.66MHz
1MX1112-472MF 4700.0μH ±20% 6.3000Ω 7.7000Ω 0.25A 0.20A 0.56MHz
1MX1112-682MF 6800.0μH ±20% 8.2000Ω 10.0000Ω 0.24A 0.18A 0.54MHz
1MX1112-473MF 47000.0μH ±20% 82.0000Ω 100.0000Ω 0.07A 0.07A 0.15MHz
1MX1112-104MF 100000.0μH ±20% 175.0000Ω 210.0000Ω 0.05A 0.05A 0.09MHz