1MK Series Multilayer Power Inductor

1MK Features

  • Multilayer construction with ultra-low profile
  • Suitable for applications with high currents up to 1.8A
  • High saturation current up to 1.6A
  • Magnetically shielded construction
  • Operating Temperature range from -40°C to +125°C (Including Self-heating)
  • 260°C reflow peak temperature qualified

 Dimensions     Series Datasheet    Tape and Reel Specifications

Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat SRF Min. Height
1MK160805-R22MF 0.22μH ±20% 0.120Ω 0.150Ω 1.20A 1.45A 180MHz 0.50mm
1MK160805-R33MF 0.33μH ±20% 0.160Ω 0.200Ω 1.10A 1.35A 140MHz 0.50mm
1MK160805-R47MF 0.47μH ±20% 0.180Ω 0.225Ω 1.15A 1.05A 120MHz 0.50mm
1MK201206-R47MF 0.47μH ±20% 0.120Ω 0.150Ω 1.10A 1.30A 80MHz 0.50mm
1MK160805-R68MF 0.68μH ±20% 0.220Ω 0.275Ω 0.90A 0.80A 100MHz 0.50mm
1MK201206-1R0MF 1.00μH ±20% 0.190Ω 0.237Ω 0.80A 0.70A 40MHz 0.50mm
1MK160805-1R0MF 1.00μH ±20% 0.320Ω 0.400Ω 0.80A 0.70A 90MHz 0.50mm
1MK201206-1R5MF 1.50μH ±20% 0.260Ω 0.325Ω 0.70A 0.50A 35MHz 0.50mm
1MK201206-2R2MF 2.20μH ±20% 0.320Ω 0.400Ω 0.60A 0.35A 30MHz 0.50mm
1MK160809-R22MF 0.22μH ±20% 0.100Ω 0.125Ω 1.25A 1.60A 200MHz 0.80mm
1MK160809-R33MF 0.33μH ±20% 0.130Ω 0.162Ω 1.20A 1.50A 190MHz 0.80mm
1MK160809-R47MF 0.47μH ±20% 0.150Ω 0.187Ω 1.10A 1.20A 180MHz 0.80mm
1MK160809-R68MF 0.68μH ±20% 0.180Ω 0.225Ω 1.15A 1.10A 160MHz 0.80mm
1MK160809-1R0MF 1.00μH ±20% 0.200Ω 0.250Ω 1.00A 0.80A 125MHz 0.80mm
1MK160809-1R5MF 1.50μH ±20% 0.230Ω 0.285Ω 0.90A 0.50A 100MHz 0.80mm
1MK160809-2R2MF 2.20μH ±20% 0.300Ω 0.375Ω 0.85A 0.30A 80MHz 0.80mm
1MK252010-R47MF 0.47μH ±20% 0.040Ω 0.050Ω 1.80A 1.50A 105MHz 0.90mm
1MK201610-R47MF 0.47μH ±20% 0.040Ω 0.050Ω 1.80A 1.50A 105MHz 0.90mm
1MK201210-R47MF 0.47μH ±20% 0.080Ω 0.100Ω 1.50A 1.20A 100MHz 0.90mm
1MK252010-1R0MF 1.00μH ±20% 0.060Ω 0.075Ω 1.60A 1.40A 70MHz 0.90mm
1MK201610-1R0MF 1.00μH ±20% 0.090Ω 0.112Ω 1.40A 1.20A 70MHz 0.90mm
1MK201210-1R0MF 1.00μH ±20% 0.110Ω 0.137Ω 1.30A 1.15A 60MHz 0.90mm
1MK252010-1R5MF 1.50μH ±20% 0.070Ω 0.087Ω 1.50A 1.20A 65MHz 0.90mm
1MK201610-1R5MF 1.50μH ±20% 0.110Ω 0.137Ω 1.20A 0.70A 60MHz 0.90mm
1MK201210-1R5MF 1.50μH ±20% 0.160Ω 0.200Ω 1.10A 0.80A 50MHz 0.90mm
1MK201610-2R2MF 2.20μH ±20% 0.110Ω 0.137Ω 1.20A 0.70A 60MHz 0.90mm
1MK201210-2R2MF 2.20μH ±20% 0.200Ω 0.250Ω 0.90A 0.60A 40MHz 0.90mm
1MK252010-2R2MF 2.20μH ±20% 0.200Ω 0.250Ω 1.20A 1.50A 60MHz 0.90mm
1MK252010-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.250Ω 0.312Ω 1.10A 1.20A 55MHz 0.90mm
1MK201610-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.120Ω 0.150Ω 1.20A 0.33A 40MHz 0.90mm
1MK201210-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.200Ω 0.250Ω 0.90A 0.35A 30MHz 0.90mm
1MK252010-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.380Ω 0.475Ω 0.90A 0.75A 35MHz 0.90mm
1MK201610-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.140Ω 0.175Ω 1.10A 0.22A 30MHz 0.90mm
1MK201210-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.250Ω 0.312Ω 0.80A 0.28A 30MHz 0.90mm
1MK252010-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.450Ω 0.562Ω 0.75A 0.35A 30MHz 0.90mm
1MK252010-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.500Ω 0.625Ω 0.70A 0.25A 25MHz 0.90mm
1MK252012-1R0MF 1.00μH ±20% 0.085Ω 0.106Ω 2.10A 2.10A 85MHz 1.10mm
1MK252012-2R2MF 2.20μH ±20% 0.250Ω 0.312Ω 1.10A 1.60A 50MHz 1.10mm
1MK252012-3R3MF 3.30μH ±20% 0.250Ω 0.312Ω 1.10A 1.25A 50MHz 1.10mm
1MK252012-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.400Ω 0.500Ω 0.90A 0.80A 35MHz 1.10mm
1MK201612-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.170Ω 0.212Ω 1.10A 0.20A 35MHz 1.10mm
1MK252012-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.500Ω 0.625Ω 0.80A 0.75A 30MHz 1.10mm
1MK252012-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.500Ω 0.625Ω 0.80A 0.50A 25MHz 1.10mm
1MK201612-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.250Ω 0.312Ω 1.10A 0.20A 35MHz 1.10mm
1MK201214-4R7MF 4.70μH ±20% 0.400Ω 0.500Ω 0.75A 0.63A 20MHz 1.25mm
1MK201214-6R8MF 6.80μH ±20% 0.300Ω 0.375Ω 1.00A 0.25A 45MHz 1.25mm
1MK201214-100MF 10.00μH ±20% 0.300Ω 0.375Ω 1.00A 0.13A 35MHz 1.25mm