1MG Series Unshielded Power Inductor

1MG Features

  • High saturation current
  • Low loss MnZn ferrite core
  • Operating Temperature range from -40°C to +125°C (Including Self-heating)
  • 260°C reflow peak temperature qualified

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Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat SRF Typ.
1MG63-1R0MF 1.0μH ±20% 0.017Ω 0.050Ω 2.90A 2.90A 130MHz
1MG63-1R5MF 1.5μH ±20% 0.020Ω 0.050Ω 2.80A 2.90A 115MHz
1MG63-2R2MF 2.2μH ±20% 0.028Ω 0.070Ω 2.40A 2.30A 90MHz
1MG63-3R3MF 3.3μH ±20% 0.044Ω 0.080Ω 2.00A 2.00A 70MHz
1MG63-4R7MF 4.7μH ±20% 0.063Ω 0.090Ω 1.50A 1.50A 50MHz
1MG63-6R8MF 6.8μH ±20% 0.092Ω 0.130Ω 1.40A 1.20A 45MHz
1MG63-100MF 10.0μH ±20% 0.121Ω 0.160Ω 1.20A 1.10A 35MHz
1MG63-150MF 15.0μH ±20% 0.176Ω 0.230Ω 1.10A 0.90A 30MHz
1MG63-220MF 22.0μH ±20% 0.255Ω 0.370Ω 0.80A 0.70A 20MHz
1MG63-330MF 33.0μH ±20% 0.362Ω 0.510Ω 0.60A 0.58A 15MHz
1MG63-470MF 47.0μH ±20% 0.556Ω 0.640Ω 0.50A 0.50A 14MHz
1MG63-680MF 68.0μH ±20% 0.790Ω 0.860Ω 0.40A 0.40A 11MHz
1MG63-101MF 100.0μH ±20% 1.080Ω 1.270Ω 0.30A 0.31A 9MHz
1MG63-151MF 150.0μH ±20% 1.450Ω 2.000Ω 0.25A 0.27A 6MHz
1MG63-221MF 220.0μH ±20% 2.580Ω 3.110Ω 0.20A 0.22A 6MHz
1MG63-331MF 330.0μH ±20% 4.150Ω 5.000Ω 0.16A 0.18A 5MHz
1MG63-471MF 470.0μH ±20% 5.580Ω 6.800Ω 0.16A 0.15A 4MHz
1MG63-102MF 1000.0μH ±20% 11.500Ω 13.800Ω 0.07A 0.10A 2MHz



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat SRF Typ.
1MG135-1R0MF 1.0μH ±20% 0.004Ω 0.007Ω 8.60A 14.25A 170MHz
1MG135-1R5MF 1.5μH ±20% 0.006Ω 0.009Ω 7.20A 10.70A 120MHz
1MG135-2R5MF 2.5μH ±20% 0.009Ω 0.012Ω 5.80A 10.00A 65MHz
1MG135-3R3MF 3.3μH ±20% 0.011Ω 0.015Ω 5.30A 7.00A 50MHz
1MG135-4R7MF 4.7μH ±20% 0.015Ω 0.019Ω 5.00A 6.00A 45MHz
1MG135-5R6MF 5.6μH ±20% 0.024Ω 0.032Ω 4.00A 6.00A 38MHz
1MG135-6R8MF 6.8μH ±20% 0.026Ω 0.034Ω 3.80A 5.10A 35MHz
1MG135-8R2MF 8.2μH ±20% 0.034Ω 0.040Ω 3.20A 4.20A 32MHz
1MG135-100MF 10.0μH ±20% 0.035Ω 0.045Ω 3.30A 5.00A 25MHz
1MG135-150MF 15.0μH ±20% 0.043Ω 0.060Ω 2.90A 3.60A 23MHz
1MG135-220MF 22.0μH ±20% 0.071Ω 0.095Ω 2.60A 3.10A 18MHz
1MG135-330MF 33.0μH ±20% 0.094Ω 0.120Ω 2.30A 2.60A 15MHz
1MG135-470MF 47.0μH ±20% 0.142Ω 0.190Ω 1.80A 2.14A 12MHz
1MG135-680MF 68.0μH ±20% 0.187Ω 0.240Ω 1.60A 1.70A 10MHz
1MG135-101MF 100.0μH ±20% 0.253Ω 0.330Ω 1.40A 1.50A 8MHz
1MG135-151MF 150.0μH ±20% 0.448Ω 0.590Ω 1.00A 1.20A 6MHz
1MG135-221MF 220.0μH ±20% 0.601Ω 0.780Ω 0.90A 1.10A 5MHz
1MG135-331MF 330.0μH ±20% 0.893Ω 1.150Ω 0.70A 0.80A 4MHz
1MG135-471MF 470.0μH ±20% 1.315Ω 1.700Ω 0.60A 0.65A 4MHz
1MG135-681MF 680.0μH ±20% 1.942Ω 2.600Ω 0.50A 0.55A 3MHz
1MG135-102MF 1000.0μH ±20% 2.940Ω 3.900Ω 0.40A 0.52A 2MHz



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat SRF Typ.
1MG187-1R0MF 1.0μH ±20% 0.005Ω 0.009Ω 8.50A 25.00A 80MHz
1MG187-2R2MF 2.2μH ±20% 0.008Ω 0.014Ω 7.10A 20.30A 45MHz
1MG187-3R3MF 3.3μH ±20% 0.010Ω 0.018Ω 6.20A 15.80A 40MHz
1MG187-5R6MF 5.6μH ±20% 0.012Ω 0.020Ω 5.30A 13.10A 30MHz
1MG187-100MF 10.0μH ±20% 0.021Ω 0.031Ω 4.30A 10.00A 20MHz
1MG187-150MF 15.0μH ±20% 0.030Ω 0.036Ω 4.00A 8.00A 15MHz
1MG187-220MF 22.0μH ±20% 0.043Ω 0.047Ω 3.50A 7.00A 14MHz
1MG187-330MF 33.0μH ±20% 0.060Ω 0.066Ω 3.00A 5.50A 10MHz
1MG187-470MF 47.0μH ±20% 0.076Ω 0.086Ω 2.60A 4.50A 9MHz
1MG187-680MF 68.0μH ±20% 0.110Ω 0.130Ω 2.30A 3.60A 7MHz
1MG187-101MF 100.0μH ±20% 0.141Ω 0.190Ω 1.80A 3.40A 6MHz
1MG187-151MF 150.0μH ±20% 0.210Ω 0.250Ω 1.50A 2.70A 4MHz
1MG187-221MF 220.0μH ±20% 0.326Ω 0.380Ω 1.20A 2.40A 4MHz
1MG187-331MF 330.0μH ±20% 0.431Ω 0.560Ω 1.00A 1.90A 3MHz
1MG187-471MF 470.0μH ±20% 0.633Ω 0.850Ω 0.82A 1.60A 3MHz
1MG187-681MF 680.0μH ±20% 0.954Ω 1.100Ω 0.72A 1.30A 2MHz
1MG187-102MF 1000.0μH ±20% 1.370Ω 1.800Ω 0.56A 1.10A 2MHz