1MF Series Shielded Power Inductor

1MF Features

  • Shielded Construction with low DCR
  • Saturation current rating up to 13.5 Amps
  • Inductance ratings from 0.8 to 1000 μH
  • Widely applications, highly recommend to use as Buck, Boost, or Forward inductor
  • Operating Temperature range from -40°C to +125°C (Including Self-heating)
  • 260°C reflow peak temperature qualified

 Dimensions     Series Datasheet    Tape and Reel Specifications



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1MF103-0R8NF 0.8μH ±30% 0.0044Ω 0.0057Ω 8.30A 11.20A
1MF103-1R5NF 1.5μH ±30% 0.0085Ω 0.0110Ω 5.80A 8.00A
1MF103-2R2NF 2.2μH ±30% 0.0130Ω 0.0169Ω 5.10A 6.70A
1MF103-3R3NF 3.3μH ±30% 0.0160Ω 0.0210Ω 4.70A 5.56A
1MF103-4R7NF 4.7μH ±30% 0.0230Ω 0.0300Ω 4.00A 4.65A
1MF103-6R8NF 6.8μH ±30% 0.0270Ω 0.0350Ω 3.60A 3.84A
1MF103-8R2NF 8.2μH ±30% 0.0380Ω 0.0500Ω 3.00A 3.54A
1MF103-100MF 10.0μH ±20% 0.0450Ω 0.0590Ω 2.80A 3.18A
1MF103-150MF 15.0μH ±20% 0.0700Ω 0.0910Ω 2.05A 2.60A
1MF103-220MF 22.0μH ±20% 0.1100Ω 0.1430Ω 1.60A 2.16A
1MF103-330MF 33.0μH ±20% 0.1550Ω 0.2020Ω 1.35A 1.74A
1MF103-470MF 47.0μH ±20% 0.2300Ω 0.2990Ω 1.20A 1.40A
1MF103-560MF 56.0μH ±20% 0.2500Ω 0.3250Ω 1.15A 1.36A
1MF103-680MF 68.0μH ±20% 0.3300Ω 0.4290Ω 0.95A 1.22A
1MF103-820MF 82.0μH ±20% 0.3800Ω 0.4940Ω 0.80A 1.14A
1MF103-101MF 100.0μH ±20% 0.5250Ω 0.6830Ω 0.70A 1.02A
1MF103-121MF 120.0μH ±20% 0.5800Ω 0.7540Ω 0.65A 0.89A
1MF103-151MF 150.0μH ±20% 0.6700Ω 0.8710Ω 0.51A 0.84A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1MF104-1R5NF 1.5μH ±30% 0.0060Ω 0.0081Ω 6.50A 10.00A
1MF104-2R2NF 2.2μH ±30% 0.0078Ω 0.0105Ω 6.10A 7.50A
1MF104-2R5NF 2.5μH ±30% 0.0078Ω 0.0105Ω 6.10A 7.50A
1MF104-3R8NF 3.8μH ±30% 0.0096Ω 0.0130Ω 5.50A 6.00A
1MF104-4R7NF 4.7μH ±30% 0.0160Ω 0.0220Ω 5.40A 5.50A
1MF104-5R2NF 5.2μH ±30% 0.0160Ω 0.0220Ω 5.40A 5.50A
1MF104-6R8NF 6.8μH ±30% 0.0200Ω 0.0270Ω 4.50A 4.80A
1MF104-7R0NF 7.0μH ±30% 0.0200Ω 0.0270Ω 4.50A 4.80A
1MF104-8R2NF 8.2μH ±30% 0.0260Ω 0.0350Ω 3.80A 4.50A
1MF104-100MF 10.0μH ±20% 0.0260Ω 0.0350Ω 3.80A 4.40A
1MF104-120MF 12.0μH ±20% 0.0340Ω 0.0460Ω 3.40A 3.70A
1MF104-150MF 15.0μH ±20% 0.0370Ω 0.0500Ω 3.10A 3.60A
1MF104-180MF 18.0μH ±20% 0.0510Ω 0.0690Ω 2.60A 3.10A
1MF104-220MF 22.0μH ±20% 0.0540Ω 0.0730Ω 2.50A 2.90A
1MF104-270MF 27.0μH ±20% 0.0650Ω 0.0880Ω 2.30A 2.60A
1MF104-330MF 33.0μH ±20% 0.0690Ω 0.0930Ω 2.20A 2.30A
1MF104-390MF 39.0μH ±20% 0.0940Ω 0.1270Ω 2.00A 2.20A
1MF104-470MF 47.0μH ±20% 0.0950Ω 0.1280Ω 1.90A 2.10A
1MF104-560MF 56.0μH ±20% 0.1390Ω 0.1880Ω 1.50A 1.65A
1MF104-680MF 68.0μH ±20% 0.1580Ω 0.2130Ω 1.42A 1.50A
1MF104-820MF 82.0μH ±20% 0.2180Ω 0.2830Ω 1.30A 1.45A
1MF104-101MF 100.0μH ±20% 0.2250Ω 0.3040Ω 1.25A 1.35A
1MF104-121MF 120.0μH ±20% 0.2780Ω 0.3750Ω 1.08A 1.20A
1MF104-151MF 150.0μH ±20% 0.3750Ω 0.5060Ω 0.85A 0.85A
1MF104-181MF 180.0μH ±20% 0.4210Ω 0.5680Ω 0.75A 1.00A
1MF104-221MF 220.0μH ±20% 0.5600Ω 0.7560Ω 0.70A 0.92A
1MF104-271MF 270.0μH ±20% 0.6320Ω 0.8530Ω 0.55A 0.84A
1MF104-331MF 330.0μH ±20% 0.8100Ω 1.0900Ω 0.52A 0.70A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1MF105-0R8NF 0.8μH ±30% 0.0033Ω 0.0043Ω 9.50A 13.50A
1MF105-1R5NF 1.5μH ±30% 0.0045Ω 0.0058Ω 8.30A 10.50A
1MF105-2R2NF 2.2μH ±30% 0.0056Ω 0.0072Ω 7.50A 9.25A
1MF105-3R3NF 3.3μH ±30% 0.0080Ω 0.0104Ω 6.50A 7.80A
1MF105-4R7NF 4.7μH ±30% 0.0095Ω 0.0123Ω 6.10A 6.40A
1MF105-6R8NF 6.8μH ±30% 0.0140Ω 0.0180Ω 5.40A 5.40A
1MF105-8R2NF 8.2μH ±30% 0.0160Ω 0.0200Ω 5.00A 4.85A
1MF105-100MF 10.0μH ±20% 0.0200Ω 0.0260Ω 4.50A 4.45A
1MF105-120MF 12.0μH ±20% 0.0250Ω 0.0330Ω 3.80A 4.00A
1MF105-150MF 15.0μH ±20% 0.0320Ω 0.0410Ω 3.40A 3.60A
1MF105-180MF 18.0μH ±20% 0.0350Ω 0.0460Ω 3.10A 3.20A
1MF105-220MF 22.0μH ±20% 0.0470Ω 0.0610Ω 2.90A 2.95A
1MF105-270MF 27.0μH ±20% 0.0530Ω 0.0690Ω 2.60A 2.70A
1MF105-330MF 33.0μH ±20% 0.0650Ω 0.0840Ω 2.50A 2.40A
1MF105-390MF 39.0μH ±20% 0.0820Ω 0.1060Ω 2.25A 2.30A
1MF105-470MF 47.0μH ±20% 0.1000Ω 0.1300Ω 2.00A 2.00A
1MF105-560MF 56.0μH ±20% 0.1150Ω 0.1490Ω 1.90A 1.90A
1MF105-680MF 68.0μH ±20% 0.1550Ω 0.2010Ω 1.60A 1.65A
1MF105-820MF 82.0μH ±20% 0.1750Ω 0.2270Ω 1.45A 1.50A
1MF105-101MF 100.0μH ±20% 0.1950Ω 0.2530Ω 1.35A 1.35A
1MF105-121MF 120.0μH ±20% 0.2330Ω 0.3030Ω 1.18A 1.28A
1MF105-151MF 150.0μH ±20% 0.2850Ω 0.3700Ω 1.10A 1.12A
1MF105-181MF 180.0μH ±20% 0.3220Ω 0.4190Ω 1.00A 1.04A
1MF105-221MF 220.0μH ±20% 0.3850Ω 0.5000Ω 0.94A 0.94A
1MF105-271MF 270.0μH ±20% 0.5120Ω 0.6720Ω 0.80A 0.84A
1MF105-331MF 330.0μH ±20% 0.6250Ω 0.8120Ω 0.73A 0.75A
1MF105-391MF 390.0μH ±20% 0.7330Ω 0.9530Ω 0.70A 0.70A
1MF105-471MF 470.0μH ±20% 0.9920Ω 1.2890Ω 0.54A 0.60A
1MF105-561MF 560.0μH ±20% 1.1000Ω 1.4300Ω 0.52A 0.54A
1MF105-681MF 680.0μH ±20% 1.2300Ω 1.5990Ω 0.51A 0.52A
1MF105-821MF 820.0μH ±20% 1.3600Ω 1.7680Ω 0.48A 0.50A
1MF105-102MF 1000.0μH ±20% 1.5300Ω 1.9890Ω 0.42A 0.48A