1MA Series Shielded Power Inductor

1MA Features

  • Shielded Construction with very low DCR
  • Heating Current rating up to 17.9 Amps
  • Saturation Current rating up to 27.5 Amps (based on only 10% inductance drop)
  • Inductance up to 1mH for all case size (129 Size up to 2.2mH)
  • 260°C reflow peak temperature qualified
  • Operating Temperature range from -40°C to +125°C (Including Self-heating)
  • Protect tube inside to protect the enameled cooper wire
  • High strength sealing epoxy with stable temperatures character to keep the parts strong at wide range temperatures:(Typical Hardness: ShoreD86 @25°C, ShoreD70 @125°C)
  • Available up to 129 size (12.5×12.5×10.0mm) to meet with higher current requirements
  • Available for both Metal Base and Plastic Base:
    • Plastic Base: Because of the one piece construction and better adhesion so they are more suitable for high vibration or shock applications
    • Metal Base: For general use and competitive cost than Plastic base


 Dimensions   Series Datasheet   Tape and Reel Specifications



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1MA73-R33NF_ 0.33μH ±30% 0.00740Ω 0.01110Ω 6.19A 11.00A
1MA73-1R0NF_ 1.00μH ±30% 0.01030Ω 0.01550Ω 5.25A 6.40A
1MA73-1R5NF_ 1.50μH ±30% 0.01320Ω 0.01980Ω 4.64A 5.60A
1MA73-2R2NF_ 2.20μH ±30% 0.01670Ω 0.02340Ω 4.11A 4.80A
1MA73-3R3NF_ 3.30μH ±30% 0.02590Ω 0.03110Ω 3.31A 4.20A
1MA73-4R7MF_ 4.70μH ±20% 0.02970Ω 0.03560Ω 3.09A 3.60A
1MA73-6R8MF_ 6.80μH ±20% 0.04350Ω 0.05220Ω 2.55A 2.90A
1MA73-8R2MF_ 8.20μH ±20% 0.05920Ω 0.06900Ω 2.19A 2.70A
1MA73-100MF_ 10.00μH ±20% 0.06560Ω 0.07200Ω 2.08A 2.20A
1MA73-150MF_ 15.00μH ±20% 0.08440Ω 0.10130Ω 1.83A 1.80A
1MA73-220MF_ 22.00μH ±20% 0.10700Ω 0.12800Ω 1.62A 1.50A
1MA73-330MF_ 33.00μH ±20% 0.16600Ω 0.19900Ω 1.31A 1.20A
1MA73-470MF_ 47.00μH ±20% 0.24100Ω 0.28900Ω 1.08A 1.00A
1MA73-680MF_ 68.00μH ±20% 0.35800Ω 0.43000Ω 0.89A 0.85A
1MA73-820MF_ 82.00μH ±20% 0.38400Ω 0.46100Ω 0.86A 0.80A
1MA73-101MF_ 100.00μH ±20% 0.52700Ω 0.63200Ω 0.73A 0.76A
1MA73-151MF_ 150.00μH ±20% 0.85100Ω 1.02100Ω 0.58A 0.53A
1MA73-221MF_ 220.00μH ±20% 1.05000Ω 1.26000Ω 0.52A 0.49A
1MA73-331MF_ 330.00μH ±20% 1.59000Ω 1.90800Ω 0.42A 0.40A
1MA73-471MF_ 470.00μH ±20% 2.36000Ω 2.83200Ω 0.35A 0.33A
1MA73-681MF_ 680.00μH ±20% 3.47000Ω 4.16400Ω 0.29A 0.26A
1MA73-821MF_ 820.00μH ±20% 3.93000Ω 4.71600Ω 0.27A 0.23A
1MA73-102MF_ 1000.00μH ±20% 4.34000Ω 5.20800Ω 0.26A 0.21A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1MA74-R33NF_ 0.33μH ±30% 0.00740Ω 0.01110Ω 6.20A 12.50A
1MA74-1R0NF_ 1.00μH ±30% 0.01000Ω 0.01500Ω 5.33A 10.20A
1MA74-1R5NF_ 1.50μH ±30% 0.01150Ω 0.01730Ω 4.96A 7.50A
1MA74-2R2NF_ 2.20μH ±20% 0.01300Ω 0.01820Ω 4.66A 6.50A
1MA74-3R3NF_ 3.30μH ±30% 0.01830Ω 0.02200Ω 3.94A 5.20A
1MA74-4R7MF_ 4.70μH ±20% 0.02540Ω 0.03050Ω 3.34A 4.10A
1MA74-5R6MF_ 5.60μH ±20% 0.03500Ω 0.04200Ω 3.00A 3.90A
1MA74-6R8MF_ 6.80μH ±20% 0.04180Ω 0.04600Ω 2.60A 3.70A
1MA74-8R2MF_ 8.20μH ±20% 0.04410Ω 0.04850Ω 2.53A 3.30A
1MA74-100MF_ 10.00μH ±20% 0.04500Ω 0.04900Ω 2.41A 2.80A
1MA74-120MF_ 12.00μH ±20% 0.05000Ω 0.05800Ω 2.17A 2.50A
1MA74-150MF_ 15.00μH ±20% 0.06370Ω 0.07640Ω 2.11A 2.20A
1MA74-180MF_ 18.00μH ±20% 0.08350Ω 0.09100Ω 1.84A 2.00A
1MA74-220MF_ 22.00μH ±20% 0.09250Ω 0.11000Ω 1.75A 1.90A
1MA74-270MF_ 27.00μH ±20% 0.12500Ω 0.15000Ω 1.50A 1.70A
1MA74-330MF_ 33.00μH ±20% 0.14300Ω 0.17000Ω 1.41A 1.50A
1MA74-390MF_ 39.00μH ±20% 0.19000Ω 0.22800Ω 1.22A 1.30A
1MA74-470MF_ 47.00μH ±20% 0.21600Ω 0.25900Ω 1.15A 1.20A
1MA74-560MF_ 56.00μH ±20% 0.23000Ω 0.27600Ω 1.11A 1.10A
1MA74-680MF_ 68.00μH ±20% 0.26500Ω 0.31800Ω 1.03A 1.00A
1MA74-820MF_ 82.00μH ±20% 0.34500Ω 0.41400Ω 0.91A 0.90A
1MA74-101MF_ 100.00μH ±20% 0.38300Ω 0.46000Ω 0.86A 0.80A
1MA74-121MF_ 120.00μH ±20% 0.51500Ω 0.61800Ω 0.74A 0.70A
1MA74-151MF_ 150.00μH ±20% 0.59100Ω 0.70900Ω 0.69A 0.65A
1MA74-181MF_ 180.00μH ±20% 0.76000Ω 0.91200Ω 0.61A 0.62A
1MA74-221MF_ 220.00μH ±20% 0.90700Ω 1.08800Ω 0.56A 0.59A
1MA74-271MF_ 270.00μH ±20% 1.21000Ω 1.45200Ω 0.48A 0.55A
1MA74-331MF_ 330.00μH ±20% 1.41000Ω 1.69200Ω 0.45A 0.49A
1MA74-391MF_ 390.00μH ±20% 1.52500Ω 1.83000Ω 0.43A 0.45A
1MA74-471MF_ 470.00μH ±20% 1.74000Ω 2.08800Ω 0.40A 0.41A
1MA74-561MF_ 560.00μH ±20% 2.22000Ω 2.66400Ω 0.36A 0.38A
1MA74-681MF_ 680.00μH ±20% 2.58000Ω 3.09600Ω 0.33A 0.36A
1MA74-821MF_ 820.00μH ±20% 2.93000Ω 3.51600Ω 0.31A 0.30A
1MA74-102MF_ 1000.00μH ±20% 3.89000Ω 4.66800Ω 0.27A 0.27A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1MA124-R47NF_ 0.47μH ±30% 0.00450Ω 0.00550Ω 9.50A 20.90A
1MA124-1R0NF_ 1.00μH ±30% 0.00550Ω 0.00630Ω 8.50A 18.40A
1MA124-1R5NF_ 1.50μH ±30% 0.00870Ω 0.00970Ω 7.80A 10.64A
1MA124-2R7NF_ 2.70μH ±30% 0.01030Ω 0.01150Ω 6.80A 9.69A
1MA124-3R3NF_ 3.30μH ±30% 0.01150Ω 0.01300Ω 6.30A 8.46A
1MA124-4R7MF_ 4.70μH ±20% 0.01350Ω 0.01600Ω 6.00A 8.52A
1MA124-6R8MF_ 6.80μH ±20% 0.02100Ω 0.02500Ω 5.20A 6.52A
1MA124-8R2MF_ 8.20μH ±20% 0.02750Ω 0.02900Ω 4.67A 5.98A
1MA124-100MF_ 10.00μH ±20% 0.02680Ω 0.03000Ω 3.90A 5.72A
1MA124-120MF_ 12.00μH ±20% 0.03690Ω 0.03800Ω 3.65A 5.02A
1MA124-150MF_ 15.00μH ±20% 0.04860Ω 0.05000Ω 3.40A 4.58A
1MA124-180MF_ 18.00μH ±20% 0.05100Ω 0.05670Ω 3.19A 4.28A
1MA124-220MF_ 22.00μH ±20% 0.06030Ω 0.06700Ω 3.14A 3.76A
1MA124-270MF_ 27.00μH ±20% 0.06750Ω 0.07500Ω 2.86A 3.46A
1MA124-330MF_ 33.00μH ±20% 0.08170Ω 0.09080Ω 2.60A 3.14A
1MA124-390MF_ 39.00μH ±20% 0.09520Ω 0.10580Ω 2.39A 2.72A
1MA124-470MF_ 47.00μH ±20% 0.12100Ω 0.13400Ω 2.10A 2.66A
1MA124-560MF_ 56.00μH ±20% 0.13400Ω 0.14900Ω 2.01A 2.34A
1MA124-680MF_ 68.00μH ±20% 0.16700Ω 0.18600Ω 1.80A 2.10A
1MA124-820MF_ 82.00μH ±20% 0.18900Ω 0.21000Ω 1.72A 1.80A
1MA124-101MF_ 100.00μH ±20% 0.21700Ω 0.24100Ω 1.65A 1.64A
1MA124-121MF_ 120.00μH ±20% 0.28700Ω 0.31900Ω 1.42A 1.62A
1MA124-151MF_ 150.00μH ±20% 0.32700Ω 0.36300Ω 1.30A 1.36A
1MA124-181MF_ 180.00μH ±20% 0.38000Ω 0.42200Ω 1.21A 1.34A
1MA124-221MF_ 220.00μH ±20% 0.48800Ω 0.54300Ω 1.00A 1.18A
1MA124-271MF_ 270.00μH ±20% 0.56000Ω 0.62200Ω 0.95A 1.04A
1MA124-331MF_ 330.00μH ±20% 0.73100Ω 0.81300Ω 0.87A 1.00A
1MA124-391MF_ 390.00μH ±20% 0.81400Ω 0.90400Ω 0.79A 0.91A
1MA124-471MF_ 470.00μH ±20% 0.93500Ω 1.03900Ω 0.76A 0.81A
1MA124-561MF_ 560.00μH ±20% 1.11900Ω 1.32600Ω 0.67A 0.76A
1MA124-681MF_ 680.00μH ±20% 1.37000Ω 1.52300Ω 0.62A 0.68A
1MA124-821MF_ 820.00μH ±20% 1.59000Ω 1.76700Ω 0.58A 0.61A
1MA124-102MF_ 1000.00μH ±20% 2.09000Ω 2.32300Ω 0.50A 0.56A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1MA125-R47NF_ 0.47μH ±30% 0.00180Ω 0.00270Ω 17.60A 25.00A
1MA125-1R0NF_ 1.00μH ±30% 0.00240Ω 0.00360Ω 13.18A 16.50A
1MA125-1R5NF_ 1.50μH ±30% 0.00400Ω 0.00600Ω 10.21A 14.40A
1MA125-2R2NF_ 2.20μH ±30% 0.00450Ω 0.00630Ω 9.96A 11.70A
1MA125-3R3NF_ 3.30μH ±30% 0.00630Ω 0.00760Ω 9.09A 10.40A
1MA125-4R7MF_ 4.70μH ±20% 0.01050Ω 0.01260Ω 7.04A 8.72A
1MA125-5R6MF_ 5.60μH ±20% 0.01150Ω 0.01500Ω 6.45A 7.26A
1MA125-6R8MF_ 6.80μH ±20% 0.01230Ω 0.01800Ω 5.59A 7.12A
1MA125-8R2MF_ 8.20μH ±20% 0.01700Ω 0.02100Ω 5.54A 6.75A
1MA125-100MF_ 10.00μH ±20% 0.01800Ω 0.02500Ω 5.11A 5.87A
1MA125-120MF_ 12.00μH ±20% 0.02300Ω 0.02700Ω 4.81A 4.92A
1MA125-150MF_ 15.00μH ±20% 0.02500Ω 0.03000Ω 4.56A 4.56A
1MA125-180MF_ 18.00μH ±20% 0.02900Ω 0.03400Ω 4.29A 4.35A
1MA125-220MF_ 22.00μH ±20% 0.03100Ω 0.03600Ω 4.17A 3.86A
1MA125-270MF_ 27.00μH ±20% 0.04000Ω 0.05100Ω 3.50A 3.34A
1MA125-330MF_ 33.00μH ±20% 0.05400Ω 0.05700Ω 3.31A 3.06A
1MA125-390MF_ 39.00μH ±20% 0.05800Ω 0.06450Ω 3.11A 2.93A
1MA125-470MF_ 47.00μH ±20% 0.07500Ω 0.08200Ω 2.71A 2.53A
1MA125-560MF_ 56.00μH ±20% 0.08500Ω 0.08900Ω 2.65A 2.39A
1MA125-680MF_ 68.00μH ±20% 0.09450Ω 0.10500Ω 2.44A 2.30A
1MA125-820MF_ 82.00μH ±20% 0.12000Ω 0.12900Ω 2.20A 2.05A
1MA125-101MF_ 100.00μH ±20% 0.13900Ω 0.14600Ω 2.07A 1.79A
1MA125-121MF_ 120.00μH ±20% 0.15900Ω 0.17000Ω 1.92A 1.62A
1MA125-151MF_ 150.00μH ±20% 0.18500Ω 0.23000Ω 1.65A 1.50A
1MA125-181MF_ 180.00μH ±20% 0.23400Ω 0.24600Ω 1.59A 1.33A
1MA125-221MF_ 220.00μH ±20% 0.30600Ω 0.33500Ω 1.37A 1.22A
1MA125-271MF_ 270.00μH ±20% 0.35500Ω 0.40000Ω 1.25A 1.05A
1MA125-331MF_ 330.00μH ±20% 0.48200Ω 0.49400Ω 1.12A 0.95A
1MA125-391MF_ 390.00μH ±20% 0.51500Ω 0.53300Ω 1.08A 0.88A
1MA125-471MF_ 470.00μH ±20% 0.70500Ω 0.73300Ω 0.92A 0.83A
1MA125-561MF_ 560.00μH ±20% 0.77600Ω 0.80000Ω 0.88A 0.77A
1MA125-681MF_ 680.00μH ±20% 0.88700Ω 0.91000Ω 0.83A 0.70A
1MA125-821MF_ 820.00μH ±20% 1.13000Ω 1.15200Ω 0.74A 0.63A
1MA125-102MF_ 1000.00μH ±20% 1.29500Ω 1.33500Ω 0.68A 0.57A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1MA127-R47NF_ 0.47μH ±30% 0.00195Ω 0.00300Ω 17.90A 26.40A
1MA127-1R0NF_ 1.00μH ±30% 0.00261Ω 0.00450Ω 15.50A 18.60A
1MA127-1R5NF_ 1.50μH ±30% 0.00341Ω 0.00600Ω 13.50A 15.00A
1MA127-2R2NF_ 2.20μH ±30% 0.00400Ω 0.00680Ω 12.70A 14.30A
1MA127-3R3NF_ 3.30μH ±30% 0.00680Ω 0.00816Ω 10.40A 12.50A
1MA127-3R9NF_ 3.90μH ±30% 0.00850Ω 0.01020Ω 8.77A 10.56A
1MA127-4R7MF_ 4.70μH ±20% 0.00940Ω 0.01128Ω 8.25A 10.23A
1MA127-5R6MF_ 5.60μH ±20% 0.01080Ω 0.01300Ω 7.47A 9.46A
1MA127-6R8MF_ 6.80μH ±20% 0.01200Ω 0.01440Ω 7.34A 8.80A
1MA127-8R2MF_ 8.20μH ±20% 0.01600Ω 0.01920Ω 6.32A 8.25A
1MA127-100MF_ 10.00μH ±20% 0.01720Ω 0.02000Ω 6.04A 7.26A
1MA127-120MF_ 12.00μH ±20% 0.02180Ω 0.02400Ω 5.37A 6.50A
1MA127-150MF_ 15.00μH ±20% 0.02400Ω 0.02700Ω 5.04A 6.00A
1MA127-180MF_ 18.00μH ±20% 0.03080Ω 0.03700Ω 4.52A 5.40A
1MA127-220MF_ 22.00μH ±20% 0.03300Ω 0.03960Ω 4.21A 5.00A
1MA127-270MF_ 27.00μH ±20% 0.03500Ω 0.04200Ω 3.74A 3.80A
1MA127-330MF_ 33.00μH ±20% 0.04700Ω 0.05640Ω 3.58A 3.70A
1MA127-390MF_ 39.00μH ±20% 0.05300Ω 0.06360Ω 3.35A 3.60A
1MA127-470MF_ 47.00μH ±20% 0.07190Ω 0.08630Ω 2.96A 3.45A
1MA127-560MF_ 56.00μH ±20% 0.08020Ω 0.09620Ω 2.80A 2.90A
1MA127-680MF_ 68.00μH ±20% 0.09000Ω 0.10800Ω 2.62A 2.70A
1MA127-820MF_ 82.00μH ±20% 0.12000Ω 0.14400Ω 2.23A 2.50A
1MA127-101MF_ 100.00μH ±20% 0.13500Ω 0.16200Ω 2.16A 2.40A
1MA127-121MF_ 120.00μH ±20% 0.18200Ω 0.21800Ω 1.86A 2.00A
1MA127-151MF_ 150.00μH ±20% 0.21600Ω 0.25900Ω 1.71A 1.80A
1MA127-181MF_ 180.00μH ±20% 0.22900Ω 0.27500Ω 1.66A 1.70A
1MA127-221MF_ 220.00μH ±20% 0.32300Ω 0.38800Ω 1.39A 1.50A
1MA127-271MF_ 270.00μH ±20% 0.41500Ω 0.49800Ω 1.23A 1.30A
1MA127-331MF_ 330.00μH ±20% 0.48700Ω 0.58400Ω 1.14A 1.20A
1MA127-391MF_ 390.00μH ±20% 0.53300Ω 0.64000Ω 1.09A 1.10A
1MA127-471MF_ 470.00μH ±20% 0.70700Ω 0.84800Ω 0.94A 1.00A
1MA127-561MF_ 560.00μH ±20% 0.77700Ω 0.93200Ω 0.90A 0.90A
1MA127-681MF_ 680.00μH ±20% 1.04500Ω 1.25400Ω 0.78A 0.80A
1MA127-821MF_ 820.00μH ±20% 1.16600Ω 1.39900Ω 0.73A 0.80A
1MA127-102MF_ 1000.00μH ±20% 1.33400Ω 1.60100Ω 0.69A 0.70A



Part Number Inductance Tolerance DCR Typ. DCR Max. Irms Isat
1MA129-R47NF_ 0.47μH ±30% 0.00210Ω 0.00320Ω 17.50A 27.50A
1MA129-1R0NF_ 1.00μH ±30% 0.00340Ω 0.00510Ω 14.00A 25.00A
1MA129-2R2NF_ 2.20μH ±30% 0.00500Ω 0.00600Ω 11.50A 20.00A
1MA129-3R5NF_ 3.50μH ±30% 0.00600Ω 0.00900Ω 11.00A 16.50A
1MA129-4R7MF_ 4.70μH ±20% 0.00700Ω 0.01100Ω 9.30A 13.00A
1MA129-6R8MF_ 6.80μH ±20% 0.00900Ω 0.01400Ω 8.40A 12.80A
1MA129-7R5MF_ 7.50μH ±20% 0.01100Ω 0.01500Ω 7.80A 10.60A
1MA129-100MF_ 10.00μH ±20% 0.01300Ω 0.01800Ω 7.60A 10.50A
1MA129-120MF_ 12.00μH ±20% 0.01500Ω 0.01900Ω 7.10A 8.80A
1MA129-150MF_ 15.00μH ±20% 0.02100Ω 0.02600Ω 6.00A 8.00A
1MA129-220MF_ 22.00μH ±20% 0.02300Ω 0.02800Ω 5.30A 6.50A
1MA129-270MF_ 27.00μH ±20% 0.03000Ω 0.04000Ω 4.60A 5.80A
1MA129-330MF_ 33.00μH ±20% 0.03700Ω 0.04500Ω 4.20A 5.50A
1MA129-390MF_ 39.00μH ±20% 0.04400Ω 0.05600Ω 4.10A 5.00A
1MA129-470MF_ 47.00μH ±20% 0.04600Ω 0.06000Ω 3.80A 4.50A
1MA129-560MF_ 56.00μH ±20% 0.05400Ω 0.06800Ω 3.40A 3.70A
1MA129-680MF_ 68.00μH ±20% 0.06900Ω 0.08900Ω 3.20A 3.60A
1MA129-820MF_ 82.00μH ±20% 0.09050Ω 0.10500Ω 2.70A 3.40A
1MA129-101MF_ 100.00μH ±20% 0.10000Ω 0.11000Ω 2.50A 3.10A
1MA129-121MF_ 120.00μH ±20% 0.13000Ω 0.15600Ω 2.30A 2.60A
1MA129-151MF_ 150.00μH ±20% 0.13900Ω 0.17400Ω 2.30A 2.40A
1MA129-181MF_ 180.00μH ±20% 0.15300Ω 0.19100Ω 2.20A 2.30A
1MA129-221MF_ 220.00μH ±20% 0.19300Ω 0.30000Ω 1.90A 2.20A
1MA129-271MF_ 270.00μH ±20% 0.24800Ω 0.33000Ω 1.70A 2.10A
1MA129-331MF_ 330.00μH ±20% 0.36300Ω 0.43000Ω 1.50A 1.70A
1MA129-471MF_ 470.00μH ±20% 0.43700Ω 0.56000Ω 1.40A 1.50A
1MA129-561MF_ 560.00μH ±20% 0.52000Ω 0.65000Ω 1.20A 1.40A
1MA129-681MF_ 680.00μH ±20% 0.66000Ω 0.82500Ω 1.10A 1.30A
1MA129-821MF_ 820.00μH ±20% 0.81500Ω 1.00000Ω 1.00A 1.10A
1MA129-102MF_ 1000.00μH ±20% 0.93000Ω 1.20000Ω 0.88A 1.00A
1MA129-122MF_ 1200.00μH ±20% 1.11000Ω 1.33000Ω 0.80A 0.81A
1MA129-152MF_ 1500.00μH ±20% 1.66000Ω 1.99000Ω 0.66A 0.71A
1MA129-182MF_ 1800.00μH ±20% 1.82000Ω 2.18000Ω 0.63A 0.60A
1MA129-222MF_ 2200.00μH ±20% 2.15000Ω 2.58000Ω 0.58A 0.54A