1HC Series Multilayer Ceramic Inductor


  • Excellent Q factor and high Self-Resonant Frequency with ceramic material
  • High thermal stability, high reliability
  • Stable inductance over temperature
  • Standard inductance tolerances: 5%, ±0.3nH; Tighter tolerances are available on request
  • Small chip suitable for surface mounting
  • Operating temperature:
    • 0603(0201), 1005(0402) Size: -40°C to +125°C
    • 1608(0603) Size: -40°C to +85°C

 Dimensions     Series Datasheet    Tape and Reel Specifications  

Part Number Inductance Tol. Q Min. L/Q Test Freq. DCR Max. Ir SRF Min.
1HC0603-1N0SF 1.0nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.080Ω 520mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-1N1SF 1.1nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.110Ω 440mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-1N2SF 1.2nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.120Ω 420mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-1N3SF 1.3nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.120Ω 420mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-1N4SF 1.4nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.110Ω 440mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-1N5SF 1.5nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.120Ω 420mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-1N6SF 1.6nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.130Ω 410mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-1N7SF 1.7nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.150Ω 380mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-1N8SF 1.8nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.150Ω 380mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-1N9SF 1.9nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.180Ω 350mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-2N0SF 2.0nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.230Ω 300mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-2N1SF 2.1nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.240Ω 300mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-2N2SF 2.2nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.250Ω 290mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-2N3SF 2.3nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.200Ω 330mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-2N4SF 2.4nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.220Ω 310mA 10000MHz
1HC0603-2N5SF 2.5nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.200Ω 330mA 9600MHz
1HC0603-2N6SF 2.6nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.200Ω 330mA 9400MHz
1HC0603-2N7SF 2.7nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.220Ω 310mA 9200MHz
1HC0603-2N8SF 2.8nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.240Ω 300mA 8900MHz
1HC0603-2N9SF 2.9nH ±0.3nH 13 500MHz 0.260Ω 280mA 8800MHz